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Facebook Group Share Thread Schedule for Bloggers

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I get many emails and messages asking me how to grow a blog. I have found so many different ways to grow my blog over the years and I do like to diversify how and where I do it. This year, I discovered the many Facebook groups there are for bloggers. These groups help you grow your blog and/or social media by having people click, comment, share, comment, and like your social media posts and blog posts.

I spend a lot of time researching and trying out many of these different Facebook groups. I wanted to find ones where people were actually willing to follow the rules of each group and who were willing and able to follow through with the task of each thread.

I have a complete schedule now and I wanted to share with you each group and what days you can post to them. I have really met and found some awesome bloggers to connect with through this and I hope you will too! Each group will have their own set of rules so read each one carefully and make sure to follow through.

The Best Facebook Groups for Growing Your Blog:

Facebook Group Share Thread Schedule for Bloggers

Monday Facebook Group Threads:

Tuesday Facebook Group Threads:

Wednesday Facebook Group Threads:

Thursday Facebook Group Threads:

Friday Facebook Group Threads:

Saturday Facebook Group Threads:

Sunday Facebook Group Threads:

Anytime Facebook Group Threads:

What about YOU? Do you have any blogging Facebook groups you love participating in?

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  1. Wow! That is a super comprehensive list! Gonna have to save this for sure. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Such a huge help! love it!!!

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