8 FREE Retreats for Military Families and Veterans

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I recently met a friend here in Colorado who is a wealth of amazing information and resources. She knows so much about getting care for the special needs children in our area and she is a military spouse too! Being prior army and having a husband who is currently active duty, she has learned a lot about the ins and outs of military life and how to take advantage of the free resources available to military families.

One of the things she’s told me about is the free retreats for military families and veterans. She is going to one in a few weeks with her whole family. It’s six days long and there was absolutely no cost for them. Their lodging, food, activities and many other things will be completely covered.

Now, I don’t know about you, but this sounds amazing! An all-expense paid vacation? Sold! Here are some free ones that she told me about. I plan on signing up, how about you?

8 Free Retreats for Military Families and Veterans

8 Free Retreats:

1. Project New Hope
Project New Hope provides free retreats for combat veterans and their families – even the kids! Their goal is to bring the family together and provide education and training to help with moving on after wartime service. Their primary intent is to help repair relationships and of course to bring fun and laughter to each family!

“Project New Hope brought me New Hope. Bringing these Vets and their families together was awesome and successful. We are not alone, we are together, and with Gods help, we will overcome.” – Read more testimonials.

2. Project Sanctuary
Project Sanctuary wants to take military families from battle-ready to family-ready. During their free retreats they help with and address three areas:

  1. Therapeutic Recreation – Using activities to help families with communication and handling stress.
  2. Education – Giving classes on marriage, money/finances, and PTSD.
  3. Counseling – Assessing the health and mental health of all family members and addressing the strains of military life on children and teens

“Project Sanctuary is a therapeutic military family program that focuses on the needs, challenges and concerns that our military families face every day. We work with veterans and active-duty service members and their families with our exclusive three part A.R.T. program, combining counseling, education, self-development and recreational therapy to help build well-adjusted families.”

Fill out the application | Testimonials

3. Operation Oasis

Operation Oasis was created after 9/11 to help military families have an oasis where they can reconnect emotionally, physically, and spiritually after a deployment or hardship tour.

“Sandy Cove Ministries created Operation Oasis shortly after 9/11 as a way to say THANK YOU for the sacrifices made by our military. Any service man or woman in uniform, including those in the Reserve and National Guard, returning home from an overseas deployment that separated them from their family within the last 12 months, may come to Sandy Cove with their immediate family for FREE! One time opportunity.”

For those of you who are current and past military members here is a list of free retreats and resources I have compiled. These non-profits provide help, support, and free trips! We are attending a free retreat this month. It’s six days long and it is at no cost to us. It includes lodging, food, activities, and much more.

4. Coming Home Project
The Coming Home Project offers free retreats to OIF and OEF veterans and their families. They are devoted to:

“…providing innovative, compassionate care to address the mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship problems service members face.

Find Out More | Other Projects

5. Compass Retreat Center
Compass Retreat Center is run by a family of veterans who want to help serve other veterans. They offer a tactical reintegration program that helps families bridges the gap between military and civilian life. They use high energy activities and family fun to help families regain connections with others and create strong relationships. Sign Up Now | Find Out More

6. Army Strong Bonds Program

The Strong Bonds Program is an army program that is unit-based and chaplain-led. The chaplains assist commanders in building resiliency and strength in the Army family unit. Their core mission is to help increase soldier and family readiness through relationship education and skills training.

“Strong Bonds is conducted in an offsite retreat format in order to maximize the training effect. The retreat or “get away” provides a fun, safe, and secure environment in which to address the impact of relocations, deployments, and military lifestyle stressors.”

For Single Soldiers | For Couples | For Families | For Pre and Re-Deployment

7. Operation Purple
Operation Purple retreats help all families from all military branches including those in the National Guard and Reserves. They bring families to beautiful outdoor locations so that families can enjoy quality time connecting after a deployment and also bond with other military families. FAQsFOCUS

8. Veterans Wellness and Healing Center

The Veterans Wellness and Healing Center provides week-long retreats for Veterans, Active Duty Military, Reservists, and their significant others who have been diagnosed with PTSD. They offer both traditional and non-traditional healing method that include: Native American healing ceremonies, equine reintegration training, massage, yoga, aromatherapy, acupuncture, art therapy, reiki, and counseling sessions. Fill Out Application

Other Free Resources

  • Recreation Opportunities – An incredible list of free vacations, retreats, and opportunities for military families.

What about YOU? Have you ever attended one of these free retreats? Would you go to one?

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  2. Why does the military continue to damage service members and Veterans? VA does not treat and the abusive cycle continues! People need to stop serving in the military until better care is provided! Hurting one is hurting one too many – the military and VA abuse must be stopped!

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