6 Tips for Sending Holiday Packages to Your Military Member

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Picking out the perfect gift can be difficult, but, if you have a loved one serving overseas, it carries even more meaning. It’s not only about the present; it’s also about sending the essence of home during the holidays – meaning you definitely want the items to arrive intact and on time.  Keep these six tips in mind while packaging your holiday treats to ensure they arrive safely for your hero to cherish during the holiday season.

6 Tips for Sending Holiday Packages to Your Military Member

Tips for Sending Holiday Packages:

1. Make shipping overseas more affordable by taking advantage of the USPS special that allows you to pay domestic prices if the gift is being shipped to an APO, FPO or DPO, so you can spend money on spoiling your loved one – not shipping costs.

2. Use protective packaging material, such as Bubble Wrap cushioning from Duck brand, to keep items safe during the long shipping process. Wrap each shipped item individually in the shipping box. Then, add more padding in the spaces in between and around the interior of the box, so items stay put during shipping. If electronics are included, be sure to make them extra snug.

3. When packing holiday treats, such as cookies, it’s important to place them in air-tight containers so they stay fresh. Placing a slice of bread in the container has been shown to help keep baked goods moist. Also, pack food items separate from toiletries and other goods to prevent any cross-contamination.

Be sure to write “fragile and perishable food inside” above the address, below the postage stamp and on the back of the package to leave no question of what’s inside.

4. Secure boxes with a tape that doesn’t tear or split, like Duck brand EZ Start packaging tape. Plus, its Frustration Free technology ensures you never lose the tape end.

5. Don’t forget to add your personal touches to the gift to make your loved one feel like they’ve received a bit of home. Add a homemade card, pictures and a few holiday decorations to bring the festivities to them.

6. Be sure to follow recommended shipping deadlines. The USPS recently announced its 2015 shipping deadlines for the holidays, and in order to use standard post, gifts must be sent by November 7. With priority mail, the last chance to send most packages is December 17, but keep in mind that not all post offices offer this service.

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