Why Scheduling Your Social Media is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever do

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As a blogger, social media manager, and virtual assistant I am shocked by the number of people who don’t use schedulers to schedule their social media. Many people don’t realize the potential in scheduling your social media and that’s why I’m here to tell you why this is one of the most important things you can do for your blog or business.

Scheduling Your Social Media

Why Scheduling Your Social Media is Important:

The reasons for scheduling your social media are numerous, but I would like to touch on just three that I feel are important.

1. Scheduling Your Social Media Saves Time
Scheduling your social media ahead of time can save you hours and hours of time. You can schedule posts weeks and even months ahead of time and then you can sit back and watch the traffic come in. I would say the average time saved per blogger is about 6 hours. Who can say no to that?

2. Scheduling Your Social Media Helps You Draw More Traffic
When you schedule your social media, you are able to get in more posts. More posts mean more traffic. Being more organized with your social media means more traffic as well. Because you are able to fit in more posts, you will get more followers, more followers mean more traffic. When you schedule these things you will see how much easier everything else falls into place.

3. Scheduling Your Social Media Allows You to Do More Then You Thought Possible.
Scheduling your social media saves you time, it brings in more traffic, and it allow you to do more then you ever imagined you could do. Maybe you can use that time saved to write an extra blog post or maybe you can earn more money with that extra traffic. No matter what it is, scheduling your social media allows you to go places you weren’t even sure were possible.

So now that you know the benefits of scheduling your social media and why it’s important, where do you go from here? How do you know which social media scheduler to use?

I honestly believe that the best social media scheduler on the market right now is Co-Schedule. What if I told you that for only $10.00 a month you could schedule out your blog posts and all social media posts for months or even years to come?

Even better, what if I told you that for the same price, your social media scheduler will save you valuable time, give you posting recommendations, and help you grow your social media accounts more than you thought possible? You would jump right on it right?

That’s Co-Schedule. It offers a lot for just a small price. Co-Schedule changed my life and the way I do social media, and a for a blogger and business owner like me, that’s invaluable!

So let me tell you a little bit about Co-Schedule. It’s not just your average social media scheduler, it does a whole lot more too! Co-schedule is a plugin that you can install on WordPress. It literally plugs into your blog and any social media you approve too.

Once installed, here’s how Co-Schedule works:

1. It Plugs Into Your Blog Posts
At the bottom of each my blog posts, there is this little box. It gives me suggestions to promote my blog post the same days as it’s published, the next day, the week after, and the month after.


This is important because it allows your post to be seen multiple times, and it saves you time because you can set the entire schedule to go before the post even goes live. From here, you can have 4-5 social media posts scheduled and not have to worry about it again. Genius!

2. It Gives You an Editorial Calendar
Not only does Co-Schedule have that nifty little gadget at the bottom of each post, it has an entire editorial calendar waiting for you to set up and use!

Scheduling Your Social Media with Co-Schedule

As you can see above, the week of May 10th I had three blog posts published and a bunch of social media posts scheduled as well. I love that you can see everything laid out for the month and I also love that with the click of the button I can see posts shared, edit posts, or see stats on how my posts did.

The next question many people wonder is, how easy Co-Schedule is to use. The answer to that is very easy. I love the way Co-Schedule is setup because you really can’t do anything wrong, and everything is laid our easily for you to understand.

Scheduling a post is as easy as 1-2-3. You just click on any date that you want to schedule something, and click again to add a new social message.


As you can see above, when I click to add a new social message, the social media accounts that I have connected show up. I can schedule posts for multiple accounts or just one. The best thing is you can add as many accounts that you own as you want. This includes Facebook groups, Facebook pages, personal Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts, Linked-In accounts, Google + accounts and more!

You can pick the date you want to schedule these posts and can add them as text posts, picture posts, or link posts. The time slots are varied, so you can pick morning, afternoon, or evening and Co-Schedule will set up your posts during those times, or you can pick a custom time to go out on the exact minute you want!

Scheduling Your Social Media

If you are looking for even more info on how Co-Schedule works, check out this quick two-minute video that shows you exactly how great Co-Schedule is.

One of the best things about using Co-Schedule as a social media scheduler is the fact that they have an awesome affiliate program. If you are still leery about spending $10.00 a month on a social media scheduler, you can use their affiliate program to get a certain percentage off per month.

The more people you refer, the lower the cost that you will have to pay. This being said, all links to Co-Schedule in this post are affiliate links, so I would appreciate very much that you use one of those if you plan on purchasing Co-Schedule to use as your social media scheduler.

A few more things about Co-Schedule that I love:

  • You can use it to schedule your evergreen content (older posts) so that you get more traffic to those posts.
  • It draws in more traffic and builds up your social media followers due to the amount of posts you are able to schedule.
  • They have an awesome blog that gives great tips on blogging and social media.
  • They have a headline analyzer to help you build great titles for your blog posts.

Ready to join the thousands of people who are using Co-Schedule to schedule their social media and blog posts? Click here to join!

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  1. Thank you so much, I had no idea how much time a scheduler could save! I also didn’t realize that you could schedule posts before the are published- I really like that idea. I have opened the site and I am going to look into the program further- thanks!

  2. As a designer, I cannot agree more! This is a great post. When you start scheduling out social media, it relieves a bit of pressure and brings in some great traffic. CoSchedule used along with buffer is truly amazing in my experience 🙂

  3. I love scheduling my social media posts, however after paying a lot of attention to Facebook over the last 6 weeks and scheduling everything, I’ve found my reach dropped considerably. Once I started posting organically as well, my reach started to climb again. I think scheduling definitely has a place but it’s called social media for a reason – we need to be social about it!! 🙂 Schedule – then be present… 🙂

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