10 Great Things About Being a Military Wife

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Wives of Faith has asked us military wives to list our 10 great things about being a military wife. Here are mine in no particular order!

military wife

1. Having support from other wives going through the same thing you are.
I have met so many wonderful military ladies both online and in person, and I love all the support groups I have found as well. It is a big help to be able to go through stuff and know that someone else understands!

2. Stability (knowing my husband is not going to lose his job, and always getting a pay check)
I know the military isn’t always stable as far as where you might have to move to, or what your husband does, but I do like that we do not have to worry about him getting fired, and that we get a paycheck no matter what. It helps me worry less!

3. Being patriotic and proud
I know that you do not have to be a military wife to be patriotic and proud, but becoming a military wife has made so much more in tune to what people have done for our country past and present. It is an amazing thing.

4. Seeing my man in uniform!
This is one of my favorites! What girl doesn’t like a man in uniform? Here is my favorite picture of my man in his blues on our wedding day!

5. Benefits (shopping at the BX & commissary, discounts, etc housing)
I love the benefits we get from being military. I love shopping at the commissary and BX and saving money, I like being able to use the super-nice gym they have here on the base, I like that some places offer discounts to military families as well. Also, if my husband ends up staying in 20 years, like he plans on then we will also get the benefits that come with that.

6. Learning and growing
I like the learning and growing that I have done since my husband has joined the Air Force. If you read my post here about being a military wife, you will know that it has been quite a journey for me. I have learned so much, and grown so much, and I am thankful for all that it has taught me. I know there are many more years to come of learning and growing.

7. Meeting lots of new friends
You cannot beat the wonderful friends you make each time you move. Yes, eventually you will have to move away from them, but hopefully these friends are for life, and have helped you somehow along the way. I am so grateful for the few good friends God has brought into my life since being stationed here, it really amazes me!

8. Traveling
You cannot forget travel, something that goes with the military hand-in-hand! Whether you are PCSing around the world, or moving across the states, the traveling definitely makes things interesting and keeps you on your toes! What better way to see the world and other places you have not been?

9. Almost full health care coverage
I will not go into what I think of the doctors that under the health care for military, but I will say that our insurance coverage is really great. There have been several things that have happened that I know we would have never been able to afford to pay for without the coverage of tricare. It pays for almost anything. I am having my baby in a few weeks, and it is nice to know that tricare covers almost all of that. I am not sure what exactly we have to pay as far as the baby, but I do know it’s nothing compared to what others have to pay. Thank God for great coverage, or otherwise we would have had to wait a long time to have a baby!

10. Homecomings
Last, but not least, are homecomings. Yes, it is sad when our husbands have to leave, but when he comes home what a great thing to be excited about happy about! It’s the thing you look forward to most, that keeps you going through the night, and gets you to the next day.

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  1. I think seeing my man in uniform would have to be my absolute number one! haha. Also, travel is an awesome perk; especially when living overseas. Visiting other countries and even flying Space-A to get back to the states is just wonderful since it's FREE!

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