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Toy Store With a Cause: Special Toys for Special Kids

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Have you ever wandered through a toy store looking for toys that would help or benefit a special needs child? There are very little special toys for special kids that are educational, beneficial or that teach kids how to make the world a better place. Most toy stores only want and have toys that “sell.”

I’m excited to tell you about a new type of toy store – a toy store with a cause! Woozy Moo is a toy store that aims at offering parents a different type of toys.  They have body-positive dolls, construction sets for girls, the latest and coolest science kits, eco-friendly toys, high quality special needs toys, and more.

I am definitely one of those parents who is frustrated by the lack of special needs toys. I have two special needs kids and I have searched and searched for toys that would be great for learning and teaching. Christmas is one of those times that I searched for educational gifts that I could suggest to the grandparents to get. It was very difficult to find what I was looking for and that’s why I love these toys from Woozy!

Special Toys for Special Kids

5 Special Toys for Special Kids:

1. Squigz
I actually was just introduced to this toy through my daughter’s physical therapist. They are little “suckers” that stick to any non-porous surface. I loved this toy because both my kids have Sensory Processing Disorder and this is a great sensory toy. I love that it also helps with hand grip as both my kids struggle with that as well. This is a toy I am definitely planning on buying soon!

2. Joinks
My son has a similar toy to this and he loves it! He has built and created so many different things with it and I love watching his imagination a work. What I love about this toy from Woozy Moo is that is high quality. It’s made out of wood and it helps develop motor and visual skills.

3. Q-BA Maze
Ok seriously, who wouldn’t love something like this? I can tell just by looking at it, that both my kids would love this to both build and play with. This is one of those toys you want be able to find at Walmart or Toys R Us. It helps build motor and cognition skills while being fun for the whole family!

4. Walk-a-Long Snail
My daughter would adore this walk-a-along snail! I love that it’s a pull toy, but also one that teaches shapes and puzzle solutions. It comes with blocks that can be played with alone or with the snail and helps build imagination and motor skills.

5. Train by Green Toys
Both my kids love trains, my son especially. I love the colors of these trains and I love that they come with the cute little bear conductors too! This is an eco-friendly product and one all kids are sure to love!

Looking for more special toys for special kids? Check out the Woozy Guide for Special Needs Toys! They have 7 tips for finding toys that help kids in the areas of auditory, cognition, communication, motor, social, tactile, visual, and multi-sensory.

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  1. I love the idea of toys that have educational purposes. You are right, most toys stores only have toys that will sell, but that is not what our kids need. These toys look incredibly fun and exciting for kids with special needs. I will look into these products for niece who has down-syndrome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have joinks and mazes and love them. Construction toys are so great for fine motor, problem solving and sensory issues. I haven’t bought skwigs yet but have been curious for a while. It’s good to hear your thoughts. Thanks.

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