4 Fun and Inexpensive Party Themes for Kids

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My son’s 6th Birthday is coming up in just a few months and I am excited to celebrate! If you’ve got a little one with a birthday on the horizon and you haven’t yet figured out how to plan the party, let your creative side take over with party themes your child has never seen before.  You’re sure to have some happy campers on your hands if you choose to do one of these fun and creative party themes that are sure to not to break the budget!

4 Fun and Inexpensive Party Themes for Kids

Fun Party Themes for Kids

1. A Jedi Training Session
Star Wars is back and worming its way into a new generation of little ones’ hearts. If you’ve got a little fellow who wants to be the next Han Solo or a young gal who counts Rey as her biggest role model, then a Jedi training sessions is definitely in order.

Hire a “Master Jedi” to show up in his finest garb with robes for the little ones, and light sabers for all. There are professionals who will come and show off their Jedi moves, or you can always call on a family member or friend to do the job (only research required is watching the movie). You can play a Star Wars film during the off-time, and serve yummy snacks in Star Wars themed plates from Zak.com for an added bonus.

2. A Superhero Convention
What little guy or gal doesn’t love a good superhero? While you commonly see a party based around Superman or Catwoman, you don’t usually get your full range of superheroes. Every little one has a favorite, so call a meeting of all the superheroes in the galaxy and invite each child to dress up as their favorite character. Talk about a superhero dream team!

You can easily find swag for every superhero at discount stores. When it comes to entertainment, set up an obstacle course in the back yard. Think hopping through tires, belly shimmying under low hanging ropes, and a nice round of limbo. You and the other parents will be laughing hard watching miniature superheroes blast off across the lawn in hopes of scoring the record time, and you’ll have pictures that will become favorite memories for years to come.

3. Master Chef
If your child is always helping you in the kitchen and loves to get his or her hands dirty in your latest culinary creation, a master chef party is definitely going to whet the little one’s whistle!

You might balk at the idea of hosting a bunch of little kids in your kitchen, but you can make it easy on yourself with a pizza bar. Give each child a small, circular round of pizza dough and provide all the toppings they could need. From red sauce to butter, different types of cheese, pepperoni, veggies, and any fun topping ideas the birthday boy or girl comes up with will make this an exciting and creative treat that’s easy to set up.

Have a few parents help you with transporting the pizzas into the oven, and have the kids move onto a cookie frosting station where the kids can decorate their own cookies. A similar setup to the pizzas, the partygoers can decorate with frosting and sprinkles of their choice. If cooking an entrée and dessert sounds like too much work, order a batch of sweets from a company like Shari’s Berries that embraces cookie creativity.

4. Little Van Gogh
Help your little ones’ friends explore their artistic sides with a painting party. Head out into the backyard (you can easily chop the paint off your grass the next time you mow the lawn) and have some little smocks from Michael’s and canvases ready for your party attendees. Put some paint on the palettes, set them loose with paintbrushes, and wait for the masterpieces you get. With art programs having been cut in so many schools, this is an excellent way to help your kids get their fill of imagination and creativity.

So go out of the ordinary with your child’s birthday party theme this year. Make it a celebration that they and their friends will never forget! Whether you’ve got a swashbuckling pirate in your midst or a little one that can’t wait to attend Cordon Bleu, you’re bound to have a good time and create a wonderful day for your little one.

I know that my son would love any one of these four party themes. What about YOUR child?

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