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Wearable Technology that Keeps You Safe AND Beautiful

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What do you think of when you hear the words, “Wearable Technology?” Do you think of chunky? Not very fashionable? Ugly? I have thought all of these things about wearable technology, however as the years go by these wearables are becoming more and more visually appealing and beautiful. One such piece is the Smart Jewelry Pendant from Milano Jewelry.

Wearable Technology

To be honest, I didn’t even know beautiful pieces like this one even existed. The slim pendant I received is exquisite in detail and very lightweight. For my review, I chose the rhodium colored pendant, however this necklace also comes in rose gold and yellow gold for those who prefer a different look.

Milano Jewelry

What really makes this piece so beautiful are the 1.75 carat diamonds. They really make this piece elegant and bring a shine to it that makes it stand out. Not only that, but it also comes with a beautifully accented plate that can go between the black CUFF piece for a more sophisticated look. This allows the necklace to be worn two different ways depending on your mood or style!

Wearable Technology

So you might ask how this beautiful necklace becomes a piece of wearable technology. It seems hard to believe doesn’t it? Well, the black piece that you see in the necklace is a CUFF smart device. It works by sliding into stylish jewelry to help keep you feeling safe and connected at all times.

CUFF Wearable Technology: How it Works

1. Set up Your CUFF Account.
Once you have purchased the wearable technology from Milano Jewelry, you will need to download the CUFF app to your smartphone and set up your account and contacts. To do this, you will need to have your pendant nearby so the app can sync to where you are and to your piece.

2. Add Your Contacts.
Once your wearable is synced, you will need to choose which contacts you would like to add. I chose my husband because I would like to have him alerted if I need help or am in danger. The contact(s) you choose will also be able to alert you if they are trying to reach you for something important. Keep in mind that any contact you choose will also have to download the CUFF app

3. Feel Safe.
Once your contacts are set up in the app, all you have to do is press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds and your emergency alert will be sent to your chosen contact(s) via text message and push notification. When they tap on the alert, the CUFF app will open and they will be able to see your exact location and be able to call 911 if needed.

I love that the main purpose of this pendant is to keep women safe. I can put my phone away and know that as long as I am wearing this piece, I can be safe. I really think this type of wearable technology is going to change things for women now and in the future and hopefully help to keep them more safe.

CUFF Jewelry

This is a sponsored review. I received a pendant from Milano Jewelry in exchange for my honest opinion. All words are my own.

What about YOU? Do you own any wearable technology? Which of this pendants above would you choose if you could?

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