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Help Bring the Comforts of Home to Our Military Troops

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As a military spouse of almost seven years I have learned just how much I appreciate my home and the times my husband is home and not deployed. I’ve learned that home is not just a place you go to at the end of the day, it’s a place of love, laughter, and family.

That’s why I am excited about supporting the Marie Callender’s Comforts of Home Project. With this project, Marie Callender’s is determined to bring all the comforts of home to all our troops – the ones who will be missing home the most.

Help Bring the Comforts of Home to Our Military Troops

This year, the Marie Callender’s Comforts From Home Project is partnering up with USO Operation Celebration. The USO Operation Celebration provides resources and celebrations all over the world for troops and their families, including: Thanksgiving dinners, gifts with Santa, Valentine’s Day dances, Mother’s Day pampering, July 4th barbecues, Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties and more!

YOU Can Help Bring Troops the Comforts of Home!

By purchasing participating Marie Callender’s frozen dinners, pot pies, family size meals, and small desserts from your local grocery store you can help bring the comforts of home to troops around the world.

From now until January 29, 2016, there will be more than 51 million specially marked packages of Marie Callender’s meals and desserts. On the back of each of these there will be a code that you can enter in online at http://clvr.li/1Ga3OXC. For each code entered Marie Callender’s will donate $0.50 to the USO and the their Operation Celebration program.

For every entry by 1/29/2016 of an 8-digit code found on participating products, Marie Callender’s will donate $.50 to the USO Operation Celebration program. Guaranteed minimum donation: $100,000. Maximum donation: $300,000. Limit 5 code entries per person/computer each day. Valid in U.S. Only.

You can look for a list of participating Marie Callender’s products and see how many codes have been entered already at the link above.

My Experience:

So, I went to the store to get one of the participating Marie Callender’s frozen dinners. I wanted to grab a dessert too, but my grocery store didn’t have it at the time.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Marie Callender’s frozen dinners. I buy them so I can make a quick lunch on the go, or have a nice dinner with little-to-no cleanup during my husband’s deployments or TDYs. I’ve tried almost every different dinner that Marie Callender’s has offered in stores near me – or so I thought.

I love garlic and I saw a dinner that I had not tried before – the Roasted Garlic Chicken. It comes with penne pasta and toasted garlic sauces with white meat chicken and roma tomatoes. I seriously think this is going to be my new go-to for a quick lunch or dinner!

Marie Callender's

After I finished with my lunch, I turned the Marie Callender’s packaging over to look for my code. On the back was an 8 digit code. I went to the Marie Callender’s website to enter in my code (http://clvr.li/1Ga3OXC), typed it in, and BAM done! That’s how easy it is to support our troops this holiday season!

Comforts From Home

What about YOU? Do you have a favorite Marie Callender’s dinner or dessert? Will you support the troops this holiday season?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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