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I grew up surrounded by wounded Veterans. For as long as I could remember, most of my free time was spent at the VA. with my dad. Dad was in and out of the facility for most of his life. He endured surgery after surgery due to his service-related disability. The most important lesson I learned from my dad was that whatever hand you’re dealt in life, you play it. I don’t ever remember him feeling sorry for himself. I don’t ever remember him giving less than 100% to any task at hand.

Dad hailed from Pittsburgh, PA, one of ten brothers, and he was one of the ten self-appointed protectors of their only sister. When war broke out, Dad served alongside seven of his brothers, the ones who were able to go to war. Uncle Carl was a medic in the Pacific. He fought in 19 battles and saved countless lives. Uncle Mickey built the ship on which Carl later served. Uncle Hy was a bomber pilot, who had a well-known roommate-Clark Gable!  Uncle Shimy liberated an American POW camp in Germany, where he found a friend from their Pittsburgh neighborhood. Uncle Eyo almost lost his right arm to a German hand grenade. But Eyo loved to play piano so much, he told the doctor that if they took his arm, he would wish he were dead. Although he came home with his arm partially paralyzed, Uncle Eyo continued to play the piano and perform until he died a few years ago at 86. Dad’s two oldest brothers- the ones who were too old to go to war- one was a policeman, and the other worked on the first atomic bomb.

Serving America’s military and veteran communities and their supporters has become my life’s work, probably because I know first-hand about the sacrifices they have made for our country. My website, MilitaryConnection.com serves the needs of our heroes and their families. Referred to as The Go To Site for jobs, benefits, news, and information regarding education benefits, MilitaryConnection.com has grown to be one of the most popular websites on the Internet for active duty military, Veterans and their families We have one of the most comprehensive online directories of military and Veteran resources, with thousands of pages and something for everyone.   Additionally, the web site has been named a “Top 100 Employment Web Site” by the International Association of Employment Web Sites every year for the last four years.

debbieDebbie Gregory attended California State University and the University of California.  She resides in Thousand Oaks, California with her husband and son, and is active in her community.

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