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Dear Deployment: Bring it On, Mrs. Sarge

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Dear Deployment

Dear Deployment,

Wow here we are again. For the 12th time since 2006 we meet again. Though I have to say our meetings are not those of the typical kind. Because for the 12th time it’s not my husband that you are taking from me (Though you have before) Once again it’s time to support someone whom you’ve chosen to take far from their family. Regardless of what you throw at them they will know that they are cared for, and appreciated by another grateful American and that their sacrifice is not forgotten. Because the honest truth is, it could very well be my husband and I would hope that someone would do the same for him.

So dear deployment bring it on.

Mrs. Sarge

Mrs. SargeI’m a proud US Army Wife. I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years and we have an amazing 10 year old son. I began adopting service members in 2006 via the non-profit Soldiers’ Angels as a volunteer and am now the Deployed Program Manager for the organization. When someone told me that mail didn’t matter to our troops I commited to writing 4,000 letters in 2013 which I surpassed by sending 6,345. I’m just a normal everyday person.  I love making new friends and helping others learn about ways that they can support our troops and veterans

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