40+ Road Trip Tips for Traveling With Kids

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It’s almost summer and that means school will be out and vacations commence! Although my family won’t be going on a vacation this year, we have traveled a lot with kids, and I wanted to make sure you had some of the best tips out there to prepare you for your next road trip!

Being a military family usually means being far away from family. Being far from family means traveling – a lot! My in-laws live in West Virginia about 12-14 hours away (depending on how many stops we make and the traffic) and my mom is about 6 hours away in Florida. We have traveled to both houses by car and my son has been a terrific car rider too!

Road Trip

My Road Trip Tips:

1. Use a Portable DVD Player
I know a lot of parents don’t like a lot of screen time for their kids, but maybe make a special exception for a small part of your trip. You can bring special DVDs, rent a movie, or bring your child’s favorite movie to watch. The kids can always take turns during the duration of the car ride. In trips we’ve made in the past this tip has been a lifesaver!

2. Use the iPad
There are so many games kids can play on the iPad and plenty of educational apps too! Apps that have games that you can pass around and take turns on are fun for the whole family. Try: The Best Apps to Have on a Road Trip, Apps to Entertain on Road Trips, and check out my Pinterest board full of app ideas as well.

3. Ideas to Keep Cool in the Car
If you are traveling in the car this summer, most likely you will be looking for ways to keep cool. Even though we have an air conditioner in our car, my son has a hard time with even the slightest warmth or heated temperature change. We use personal hand-held fans and ice packs to help keep him cool and happy.

4. Invest in a Nice Cooler
This probably does not need to be said, but if you are planning a road trip, invest in a nice cooler. One that will hold a lot of food, and one that is good at keeping things cool. It’s worth it, I promise!

5. Have One Main Bag/Case/Container for the Car Ride
Always have one bag in the car with you with the things you will need during your trip. Things to include could be things like snacks, toys, baby bottles (if traveling with an infant), and more! This way you will not have to stop and dig through your contents in the trunk, you will have all your important items in the car with you.

Recommended Cars for Road Trips:

Military DiscountLooking for a car that is great for road trips? Try Courtesy Dodge of GA. They have the cars I mention below and tons more that are ready for traveling and good times with your family. You can find out what specials are going on right on their website, including a discount for veterans and military families, so be sure to check it out today!

Road Trip Tips From Around the Web:

What road trip tips do YOU have? What are some of your favorite car games to do as a family?

This post was created in partnership with Courtesy Dodge GA. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Kathryn…brilliant tips!!! I am also a mom of two kids and thus know how difficult is to travel with kids. Without proper planning a trip can be ruin. I got to know some additional information that will help me in my next trip. Thanks a lot for such helpful post.

  2. Summer is great time for road trips.Our kids love traveling and love road trips. I will say, that my kids love watching movies in the car.So many memories are made during traveling .I enjoyed reading your post, I will defintely consider the some of your ideas for sure for our next mini road trip.

  3. Thank you for including me in this post. As my kids have gotten a little older since my Road Tripping Mama post, I’m excited to look through all of the resources here and compile some new ideas for future trips!

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