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Petite Parcel: A Kid’s Personal Shopping Service

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I know I say this a lot, but today I am really excited to tell you about Petite Parcel – a cool new company that my cousin and my uncle started together! My cousin Meghan, is a real fashionista who holds a degree in Fashion Design and Production. She also has worked with labels such as Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, and Reebok. She has traveled internationally to Europe and Asia as a Materials Developer identifying and selecting fabrics. And last, but not least she also has experience as a model in both live and print media. What a resume!

I tell you all that to tell you this: this girl knows what she is doing when it comes to picking out clothes!

petite parcel

About Petite Parcel:

“Petite Parcel is a personal shopper styling service for children that delivers outfits to your doorstep each season. We eliminate the unnecessary driving to and from the stores, waiting in lines, and the challenges of shopping with children in tow. It can now all be done for you from the convenience of your home any day and any time that fits your schedule!”

How fun does that sound? So here’s how it works: You go to the website, www.petiteparcel.com and sign up with details about your kids and what personalization (styles, sizes, etc) you would like for their clothes. Four times a year (each season), a box full of five hand-picked outfits will arrive at your door. Brands include names such as Paige Lauren, Egg Baby, Joah Love, and many more!

After receiving the box, you get 10 days to pick out which outfits you would like to keep. Any pieces you don’t want you send back, free of charge (return label included). After the 10 days you will be charged for any outfits that you decided to keep. Each article of clothing ranges from  $22.-$60. and the prices are always lower than the suggested retail price.

Sounds pretty easy to me! If you are a mom who loves to buy stylish kid’s clothes and who loves to see her kid’s in the latest fashions, then you do not want to miss out on this awesome service!

Find Petite Parcel on:

petite parcel

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