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Adam’s Smash Cake Session & Family Photos

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I have so many posts I need to catch up on, and this is one of them. Adam’s first birthday was back in June, and boy was it a lot of fun! Before his birthday we also did a smash cake session, and I have to say it was a TON of fun! I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but Adam did great, and our wonderful photographer and friend, Jessica got some great shots and some wonderful memories for us. Here are some of my favorites from the smash cake session AND the family photos she took as well. Enjoy!

This is the awesome “cupcake” that our photographer, Jessica made.
The hat stayed on long enough for a picture or two before he dumped into the frosting!
“What is this stuff??”
We tried so hard to get him to smile, he was just so engrossed with that cake!
YUM!! Frosting anyone?
He definitely had a blast doing this. Too bad he wouldn’t actually eat the cake!
Needless to say, frosting was EVERYWHERE! It even turned the bath water BLUE!
Family Photos:
Love my baby’s smile!
We were trying not to let him crawl right off the bed!
Awww kissing. Adam was not too thrilled and kept trying to escape!
Adam just loves his daddy, and I love watching them play together.
Reading Adam one of his very favorite books!
“Hi Everyone!”
We took him outside to one of his favorite things- the swings!
I adore this photo, but as you can tell, Adam was not happy with us smooshing his face!
My favorite father-son pose. Looks like it should be in a book or postcard or something!

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