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Shannon Wexelberg CD Giveaway

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I am very excited to announce a giveaway of this wonderful CD by Shannon Wexelberg, a worship artist. I had heard of Shannon Wexelberg before as I used to work at a Christian bookstore in Florida in the music section, but I had never heard any of her music before. I was given a complimentary cd along with the giveaway CD and here is my review of it.

Shannon Wexelberg’s new cd “I Have a Song” is a wonderful combination of worship music and Scripture. Each song has a scripture verse that goes with it, which I absolutely love. Shannon has a beautiful voice that is surrounded by equally beautiful music and lyrics. I also love that all the words and music are written by Shannon herself. This really impressed me and I think it shows her relationship with God really well. I also think that Shannon Wexelberg has a sound that is very similar to Twila Paris, so if you like her, you will like Shannon Wexelberg. If you are looking for something on the softer side, and something that encourages, then this is the CD for you!

On the inside of the CD case in the little booklet, Shannon writes about this CD.  I think it tells a lot about her as a person and about this Cd more than I ever could so here it is.

When I first began writing for this project in the spring of 2009, my husband had just begun his recovery from a terrible motorcycle accident in which he broke 23 bones and endured three major surgeries, sending our earthly lives into a tailspin. As I was putting the finishing touches upon this project in early 2010, the devastating earthquake in Haiti struck on January 12, leaving countless people dead or unaccounted for and many more wounded, starving, and homeless. When I look at these two ‘bookends’ of suffering through the limited spiritual vision I possess here on this earth, I confess that i can’t quite wrap my mind around it, and my heart aches if i rest there too long. Still, I know that God is faithful to every one of His promises. maybe not in the way we always expect or the way we would prefer, but He is faithful and full of unfathomable love for us. Always. No exceptions. As I’ve grappled with these truths, I have experienced the mystery that somehow beyond the tragedy rising up from the ashes, there is hope. There is music. There is a song. It may be the faintest melody, but if you strain you can still make it out. Listen. It’s the melody of salvation that rises in the heart of each saint who has been rescued and redeemed from the very clutches of death, hell, and the grave. It’s the gentle humming that our soul can still sing even in the midst of our own ‘Haiti’ knowing that we don’t walk alone through the rubble. Our Shepherd is here, and we shall not want. That is the kind of hope the world needs and is waiting to see in us. So, will you join me in singing?

Giveaway ends: February 28

*IMPORTANT: Due to the number of entries I usually get from a giveaway, each entry MUST be a separate comment for it to count. I am sorry it takes to long to count them up when they are not separate. Thank you for understanding.*

To enter:

  • Leave a comment with why you would like this CD.

 Bonus entries:

*Thank you to Anne for sending me a complimentary copy of this cd and one to giveaway.*

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  1. Hello

    We as a family pretty much only listen to Christian music.

    I as well have never herd of Shannon.

    Best of luck to all those who enter.

    Laura (Little Bears Mommy)

  2. I would love to win this CD because I have a serious shortage of Christian music, and my soul shrivels a little bit more every time I hear "Born This Way" (Lady Gaga) on the radio… ♥

  3. would love to win this CD! Shannon looks really, really familiar to me…like maybe i followed her blog back when i was on Xanga in college, lol…not sure, but maybe! 🙂

  4. I'd like to win because music is a huge part of my life in general. Not only that, but music is probably my favorite way to worship and praise the Lord. Uplifting music with praiseworthy lyrics really make any day better!

  5. I would like this CD because of that second song, it just absolutely spoke to me. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I’m going through some very difficult personal trials right now and Shannons rendition of Psalm 23 has become my current “Theme” song. I don’t know much about her life or trials, but it seems that artists like Shannon, Laura Story and Twila Paris have a much deeper walk with Christ and have had trials in this life, and only through such trials and heartache and constant waiting on God can such music be produced. I would love to have a copy of this CD and even more than that, to know of other artist like Shannon, Laura, and Twila. Their music has ministered to me more than any I have ever listened to.

    1. Yes, I agree I think you are right. I’m sorry that you missed the giveaway this was from last year, but I hope you get a chance to hear this cd.

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