Don’t Forget HIS Birthday!

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The Christmas tree is up, the lights are hung, and the cookies are being baked. They presents are wrapped and under the tree, the stockings are stuffed and overflowing, and the Christmas music is playing. Huge dinners are being planned, families are being visited, and the parties are being enjoyed.

Amid all the stress, the fun and games, the family time and the presents let’s not leave out the One who is the reason for Christmas.

I watched the video above and was sad. How many times has forgotten the One who is the real meaning of Christmas? Just because we read the Christmas story right before opening presents doesn’t mean we “remembered” Him. Just because we attended a Christmas program, or a Christmas Eve service does not mean we “remembered” Him. I think it is more about remembering why He came, the things he did while He was here on earth, the examples He set for us, and the sins He forgave on the cross. That is what we need to remember and never forget.

A guest Evangelist preached at my church a few weeks ago, and he brought up a scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas movie. In the scene, Charlie Brown, is frustrated with how Commercialized Christmas has become, he finally asks if there is anyone who knows what Christmas is really about. The passage that Linus recites to him, explains the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Enjoy.

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