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My confession today is something I have been thinking about for awhile. And it’s something I think people could take the wrong way if not said properly. So I am going to say this and hope that people understand what I am trying to say.

My confession is that sometimes I wish we had waited a little bit longer before having a baby.

I absolutely love Adam. I would never trade him for anything in the world, and I love being his mom, there is nothing like it! But there are times I wish we had waited another year or two to have him. I wished I had listened to all the people who told me, “Enjoy your time alone now”, or “Don’t rush”, or “You  have plenty of time”. I miss having time for Jon and I. Being able to go out on dates, or hanging out with friends, or even being able to stay up late. There is a lot more stress at times, and a lot less money. And although I said I wish… these are just wistful thoughts and I am so glad God blessed us with my precious little boy. He is a huge blessing in my life and I am thankful for the opportunity to be his mom.

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  1. I know a lot of people who feel that way but if it helps he is the most precious thing and looks like such a job and you look amazingly happy whenever I see pictures of you holding him 🙂 he'll be all grown and out of the house before you know it and you and hubs will wish you had more time with him 🙂

  2. It gets better as he gets older. You are in a season right now that makes it a little difficult to be a couple. Soon though you will be able to get your groove back! It just takes more intentionality! Good for you for confessing it because you know most women feel that way at some point!

  3. I so can understand that. We had our first a little after our 2 year anniversary and I sometimes wonder if we should have waited longer. But then I also wonder had we waited 5 years would I still feel this way?

    Things change as you have kids but then you just have to be more creative about spending time together 🙂

  4. There is nothing in this world I would trade for my babies but I too wish sometimes that I had waited a little while longer before having them. I wish my husband and I had more time together before adding in the kids. Its harder to just be romantic or take a weekend vacation.
    Your confession is normal. I think we all occasionally wish we still had time to be selfish for a little while instead of constantly selfless.

  5. This confession horrified me when I read it yesterday.Then I remembered I am 40 somthing with 8 pregnancies soon to be nine and 5 hopfully soon to be 6 living children and was married 8 years before my first child was born.So my prespective is a lot diffrent.I can tell you are a good wife and a good mom.Way ahead of the game spiritualy from where I began and willing to be honest with yourself and others.I am praying for you.I do think it gets easier as they get older and lets face it we get better at it as we practice being a parent.I remember when number two came along I freeked because it had been so hard to conceive #1 and I wanted space between my children now 12 years later I am so happy my kids are close in age and all great friends with each other.

  6. this confession isn't horrifying. i think it's super normal.

    you and jon are a young couple (just like me and my husband!) and being a parent adds so many complex and new things to a relationship!

    matt and i have been married 2 years, and we're talking about trying to conceive after his next deployment– so in about a year and a half. we'll be 3.5 years into marriage and hopefully he'll be home for 3 more years doing a shore tour.

    sometimes i think we got married too early, because there are still things i wished i could do (like go to whatever college i want to get a photography degree– i am now limited to those within driving distance of our house!). but i wouldn't trade our time together for anything.

    i think these sorts of feelings are to be expected. there's always that other path you could have taken– maybe it'd be better, maybe it'd be worse. you just never know! don't berate yourself for feeling that way though.

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