I have an 8 month old now!

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Adam is one week away from turning 9 months, and I still haven’t done his 8 month post. He is really growing up a lot and I cannot even believe it! He is such a happy baby and I just love it.

He now has his fifth tooth coming in and he is drooling like crazy! He loves his vegetables, but for some reason will not any fruits at all. I am hoping that he will eventually learn to like them, although each time I try they end up going to waste. He hasn’t really tried a lot of new foods yet, but he just loves crackers and puffs!

We went to the mall when we had my in-laws here and my mother-in-law wanted to put Adam on the little horse ride. I don’t think he was sure what to make of it!

After the horse ride, my mother-in-law wanted him to try the cool car as well. He was sitting and then decided to pull himself up for the first time. This is one of my favorite pictures, because of the look on his face. He just so happy and proud of himself.
 My in-laws got Adam some really good books for Christmas. This daddy reading on of them to him. He loves to listen to us read. Of course if the book has flaps or some other fun thing to touch that makes it even better!
We had some really nice temperatures towards the end of February, so we went walking a lot on base. He has a lot of fun looking around when we go outside. My husband thinks he looks like a girl in that outfit, but it’s a boy outfit, it had monkeys on it! The hat he needed for the sun, and I think its cute.
Me and my little sweetie! (I kind of cut myself out when taking the picture!)
Adam after he had a bath. He actually likes them now!
I love pictures of him sleeping. So peaceful.
Adam and daddy watching tv on daddy’s lunch break. He just loves his daddy!
Adam being his happy smiling self!
Adam is Excited About Baby Einstein
He loves watching Baby Einstein and veggie tales. He gets so excited too!
Adam Has Fun at the Mall
This is when he was riding in the toy car at the mall.

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  1. I think he gets cuter every day! (Of course I say the same thing about Monster! lol) BTW, I love the new blog look. It's very you! I'm glad you were able to get everything working!! 🙂

  2. So sweet! 🙂 (Glad you got your blog up and working again. 🙂 After seeing all the testing, I was beginning to miss you!)

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