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movingIn two days we are finally moving onto the base! We have been living in this apartment now for about a year, and it is actually very nice, but we are happy to move out and get the extra room.

The house on base is a two family duplex, has 3 bedrooms, and should be a little bit more room than the apartment! There is definitely no room for a baby in the apartment. We are overflowing with baby stuff right now, with no room to put it!

That is another thing I am looking forward to – finally setting up the baby’s room! We have been waiting for the move. Now I can finally see what I have and get it set up. I don’t think we are going to paint though, since it’s on base, and if we move in a few years again we will just have to paint it back. It’s too much of a pain.

That’s pretty much it though. We have been cleaning all day today and I have been organizing for awhile, getting rid of stuff we don’t need and I don’t want the movers to move. After Monday, we have to come back to the apartment to clean it for inspection. I feel bad, cause there is not much I can do to help with the move and cleaning since I am pregnant. I am doing as much as I can though.

I am a little scared about the movers breaking some of our stuff. I know that they have to pay for it if they do, but some stuff is just irreplaceable you know? Like our bedroom set, if they broke something on that, we probably can’t get that exact set again, since it was a gift.

Well, now that I got my random thoughts about the move out, I will let you know that it may be a day or two before I can get online. Don’t know how it’s going to work with the internet getting set back up, and I know we will be busy all this week. Jon is taking leave for the entire week, and I am so glad he will be here to help with the moving! Hopefully I can post more pictures later after we get settled.

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  1. Don't worry too much about your stuff – from my experience they do a good job packing the stuff up – all our stuff made it from NY to savannah just fine. The not so cool part was when they started unpacking the stuff – the people that unpacked us just dumped everything in piles on the floor (picture frames and other breakables) When we saw what was happening we told them we would finish unpacking ourselves.

  2. Have a safe moving and be sure all of us we'll be here waiting for your posts 😉

    You're into a precious time of a woman's life. Do not make too much effort. Relax and let the moving company workers do the hard part. Health is irreplaceable.



  3. Don't stress over the movers breaking things, watch them carefully as they pack and since you're not moving very far, far less chance of things being broken. If you have small items that are precious to you, don't let the movers touch them, just take them yourselves.
    Also personally I'd unpack myself, it's extra work, but often easier. Just make them place the boxes and furniture in the correct rooms (make sure they don't mix rooms in one box, they normally don't, but they do on rare occasions).

    Enjoy your new home!!

  4. Good luck on your move. Take it easy now. I moved while I was pregnant too. Luckily, my mother-in-law came down to help. The only thing they would let me do is direct traffic. 🙂

    Decorating a nursery is so much fun. Enjoy it!

  5. Do you have a video camera? You should do a quick walk through of your house – turn on tv, stereo, and computer… or take digital pictures of each room… Always a good idea to do before a move!! Also – pack your car the night before with your valuables… You don't want anything to come up missing!

    Yay for more room!!
    Ann Marie

    Ps – and don't forget to take out the trash!! cause that'd be yucky to open a box and discover… ewww… 🙂

  6. Yay! Good luck with the move!!! We are moving this month also, into our new house. I can't wait to set up the nursery also, though it might be a little while yet until I have everything ready to go. 🙂 Thanks for the comments on my blog – they are always SO encouraging. Have a great day and God bless! +

  7. Have fun with the move! Can't wait to see the baby's room once you get it all set up and situated!

  8. how cool hows looks great! im scared the movers will steal or break n e thing but i gotta keep positive or ill go crazy. hope all goes well.

  9. What a beautiful house! I hope the move went well! We had quite a bit of stuff broken in our move, but our move was much farther than your's was, so I hope nothing was broken! Oooh, how fun to set up the nursery!

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