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What I Don’t Take for Granted this Christmas

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Military Christmas 2This Christmas is our first official Christmas as husband and wife. Last year we had been married two days, but we were on our honeymoon for Christmas, so we didn’t count it as a real Christmas together with family.

Because my husband is in the Air Force, I do not take for granted that he is home with me this Christmas. I want to take for granted the time I get to spend with him, the things we do together, and the love we share. I know that a lot of ladies have their husbands gone for long times of the year and Christmas is one part of the year that I am sure is very hard if your husband is away.

I know that eventually my husband will deploy and there is a very very good chance that it will be around Christmas time some years. Although my husband has never deployed as yet, I do not want to take him for granted at Christmas or any time of the year. And I know other military wives would agree with me!

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  1. I definitely agree. As soon as I pick Curtis up I won't be taking a single kiss for granted. I'm SO looking forward to seeing him again and I can't wait to show off my belly.

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