15 Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups to Help You Grow Your Business

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For years I was a virtual assistant or VA. I love helping people and doing online tasks (email, social media, graphic design, etc). While I do not have my VA business anymore, I still dabble here and there in doing some VA work.

I know a lot of moms are looking for ways to earn an income from home and I truly believe you can do it if you have the time and are able to put the work into it. For me, I’m just focusing on my blog and online presence. I love writing and that is my true passion.

Since I spent years doing this, I learned a lot. I wanted to share some of the top Facebook groups I used to find clients, network, and find jobs. Hopefully, these will help you too!

15 Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups to Help You Grow Your Business

Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups

Note: All group descriptions are a direct quote from the group owner.

1. Virtual Assistant Tribe Job Board
“The Virtual Assistant Tribe Job Board is a closed group where entrepreneurs can find a virtual assistant to join their team. Feel free to post your job requirements. If you are a VA, do NOT market yourself here. This is only for business owners who are looking for VAs.”

2. Virtual Assistant Connections
“A place for Virtual Business Owners to connect, learn, share and grow their business!”

3. VA for Hire
“This group is for bloggers who are interested in buying content or hiring VirtualAssistants for social media management and more. This group is also for content creators and VA’s who are looking to sell content or offer services.”

4. Virtual Assistant Blogging WordPress & Marketing
“If you are a Virtual Assistant or aspiring VA, WELCOME! This is a place for you to share your blog posts or posts that you have written for your clients. It doesn’t matter what the topic is (as long as it’s tasteful). Use this as an opportunity to see other VAs writing styles, ask blogging questions, or network with other blogging VAs.”

5. Virtual Assistant Business Community
“Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Business Community! Together we will discuss and explore topics related to building a successful virtual assisting business. Those looking to start a VA business as well as veteran VAs are welcome.”

6. Virtual Assistant Studio
“We created this group so like-minded entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other’s win in business.”

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7. Virtual Assistant Jobs Pay it Forward
“I created Virtual Assistant Jobs Pay It Forward because I started my virtual assistant business with the thought that I would need to be on the lookout for potential VA Jobs ALL the time – So I set in place alerts in Craigslist to forward me such jobs. However, I have been lucky that just with a little networking I have already filled my plate but I am still getting these emails. I thought about canceling the alerts but then I thought I could be of some help to others! So this is my way to pay it forward to others. Every time I get a potential VA Job lead I will post it here. I am JUST forwarding information. I am not associated with these leads at all. I hope some of you find good fortune!”

8. Virtual Assistant Clinic
“This is a group for established and new/aspiring Virtual Assistants and other service business owners (individuals running an online service-based business that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners).”

9. Your Virtual Assistant
“This group is designed to share knowledge and resources about the virtual assistance industry by collaboration and high-level networking with entrepreneurs working in this industry. Please note that this group is geared towards experienced virtual assistants and web developers rather than newbies. There are many great groups on Facebook for people just starting out and we encourage you to join those.”

10. Social Media & Marketing Jobs
“This group was created with the intention of helping individuals find a new opportunity in a new and exciting field of social media. Since the group was created, social media has evolved and we have opened the group to a wider array of marketing opportunities. Every post is now reviewed before being allowed in the group.”

11. Virtual Assistant Tribe
“Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Tribe. I created this group to support you on your journey to become a virtual assistant. Whether you’re just learning about the virtual assistant industry or you’ve been a VA for years, this group will provide you with the answers you desperately need answered.”

12. The VA Virtual Cafe
“Are you interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant? Not sure how to get started or find clients? Well… you’ve come to the right place! I invite you to join the VA Virtual Café a thriving community full of new and experienced Virtual Assistants looking to inspire and support one another. Join us to make friends, collaborations and a difference in someone’s life. Feel free to share your best practices, tips, tricks, do’s and don’ts to help your fellow members be successful. Get involved, inspire others and make a difference.”

13. Your Special Virtual Assistant
“The group is for those considering becoming a Virtual Assistant or those new to the being one. The group is for sharing information. We also welcome those who are considering hiring a Virtual Assistant to come in and participate and ask questions.”

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14. Your Virtual Assistant BFF
“The VA BFF Group is for talking, sharing, communicating, celebrating, crying, laughing, learning, supporting, promoting, and venting just like you would your BFF!”

15. VA Directory
“This group is for VAs to learn, socialize, and share with other VAs. Post a question about running your VA business and there’s sure to be someone to answer it. However, we do have some rules and it is expected that all members will have read these before posting to the group. Also please note: You MUST be a VA or plan to be one, to be a member here.”

16. Virtual Assistant Hangout for Women
“This group is for Virtual Assistants who are women looking for a safe space to collab and find their new BFFs. This is an uplifting community of love and support. We are here to learn from one another how to make $$ as a VA and how to do it well.”

What about YOU? What are some of your favorite Facebook Groups for Virtual Assistants?

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