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Spring Bathroom Refresh: How to Paint a Small Bathroom

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Ah, Spring!

That time of year where birds are singing, bees are buzzing, and families everywhere are doing bits of spring cleaning and organizing.

With the warmer weather coming in, I’ve had the itch to clean, organize, and even paint some areas of my house and thanks to a sponsorship from Lowe’s I was able to transform one place in my house from dull to having a little bit of a spring POP!

We’ve owned our house for two years now and never painted it so I wanted to choose just the right place to brighten my home and get more organized too. I decided to paint our rather small guest bathroom. It’s also the bathroom my three-year-old daughter uses and potty trains in so you can imagine the mess!

Small Bathroom

Messy Bathroom

Small Unorganized Bathroom

As you can see above, our little bathroom definitely needed a spring refresh, so we headed to our local Lowe’s to pick out supplies and most importantly – PAINT!

Even though I had not painted anywhere in our new home, I know how to paint and have painted both inside and outside the home in the past. I knew exactly what supplies I would need, but was still unsure of what color I wanted to pick. With so many types of paint and paint samples to choose from, it was definitely a hard pick!

We ended up picking the Valspar brand of Empire Fleet Blue. I loved that it came as a paint-and-primer-in-one and that prices for all paints at Lowe’s were at new, low, prices starting at just $17.98!

Next, we went to pick out the supplies. I was a bit overwhelmed with how many different kinds and brands of paint supplies there were. There was definitely enough for my every need. Here’s what I bought:

How to Paint a Small Bathroom

Once home, the entire process took about three days. The first day was just prepping the bathroom for a fresh, new coat of paint. This includes laying down the drop cloth, removing small items from the bathroom to make more room to paint, spackling and sanding holes in the walls, and finally the most time-consuming of all, putting on the painting tape.

The next day, once everything was prepped, dry, and ready to go I was ready to paint!

The key is to always start with the edges in the room you are painting. Use your paint brush to brush paint along the tops and bottoms of walls and other small areas.

Next, use your roller to paint the large areas of the room. Before applying the roller to the wall, make sure you shake out the extra paint first.

Once the first coat of paint is applied, wait for it to dry. When it’s dry, apply a second coat of paint for a nicer color coat. That second coat of paint really seals the deal on how your new paint is going to look. However, if you do not like your paint for any reason, Lowe’s offers a paint guarantee:

Love Your Paint Today

If you are not completely satisfied with your interior and exterior liquid paint purchase (excludes stains and resurfacers), simply return it in its original container to any US Lowe’s store along with your receipt within 30 days of purchase. We will replace it with a can of comparable paint or refund your money based on our return policy (Lowes.com/return). Lowe’s reserves the right in its discretion to limit this pledge in the event of suspected fraud or abuse. US only.”

Once everything is dry, start peeling off the painter’s tape. After that, I want to work on giving our bathroom a real good spring-cleaning. I wanted it to sparkle and shine!

Once it was set up, it was absolutely breath-taking! It’s amazing what a little bit of paint can do to transform a room!

Blue and Yellow Bathroom

Empire Fleet Blue

Lowe's Bathroom Paint

Painted Blue Bathroom

Spring Bathroom

For more tips on how to paint, check out Lowe’s Paint Tips and How-Tos!

What do you think? Will you use Lowe’s to give a room or two in your house a spring refresh? What color will you pick?

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Lowe’s.

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  1. Wow, it looks like a completely different bathroom! I love your color choice. Blue is so calming (perfect for a hot bath at the end of a long day). We have 1 “cool” bathroom that’s decorated with blues and 1 “warm” bathroom that’s decorated with oranges. I love them both, but now I’m thinking a new paint job would fresh them up a bit. Sometimes a simple change of shower curtain and towels does the trick 🙂

    Thanks for the post. It’s fun to see the before and afters and read about the process.

  2. That looks Great! I wish you’d posted a picture of the taping. I have a similar small bathroom I want to paint but I’m not experienced at it and not sure how to do a good job. Do you paint around the medicine chest/mirror or does it have to come off?
    Is it worth it to get “mildew resistant” paint or some other special paint for bathrooms? So many questions…

    1. Hi Lisa! I can post a picture of the taping. I meant to and totally forgot! You can also email me at singingthroughtherain@gmail.com and I can send you the picture of it if you’d like. You need to tape around anything you don’t want to get paint on – edges, ceilings, cabinets, etc. I thought one layer of tape would be enough, but I actually ended up using two.

    2. Pretty color choice. Brand you used, quality was great? Have not used that one yet? Thinking of painting bath soon.

  3. Looks almost identical to my bathroom, had to do a double take. Looks about the same size not sure if I would paint my walls that color though. my walls are two tone tan and a little darker brown floor tile is medium brown ,tub and shower is the same color, vanity is identical only mine is straight instead of curved, identical faucets, installed new shower doors and fixtures to match .Looks like our taste is very similar. Btw. All came from Lowes. Good job.

    1. Steve, I really don’t care for the color myself. To dark for a small space. I would have picked a brighter yellow or faint orange.

  4. Had to do a double-take. Looks almost identical to my bathroom not sure if I would paint my walls that color my walls are two tone tan and brown faucets are the same vanity is the same floor tile is darker brown shower walls are the same color, tubs the same color vanity is the same color only the front is not curved. We had new shower doors installed by the way all came from Lowe’s good job.

  5. Like color of paint used. Did u like the brand of paint you used? I am considering painting my bathroom.

  6. Love the color my bathroom is small also would love to see how you taped it off .not sure how to do that with me doing it by myself makes me kinda of nervous since its been awhile since ibe painted ..
    Thank you for your time sherry.

    1. We tried, but we couldn’t get it lol. I got down under it and painted as much as I could behind it, but if the toilet is ever moved, there will be a small white space behind there…

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