Why I Let My Kids Play With Tablets and Smartphones

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Technology. Every family has different thoughts on whether or not a child should be introduced to technology at such a young age.

But really, what are we so afraid of?

For our family it’s all about balance. Everywhere I look parents are being judged for letting their kids play on smartphones and tablets. And (*gasp*) some parents even buy their kids their own tablets! We are one of those families.

kids play with tablets

4. Reasons to Let Kids Play With Tablets & Smartphones

1. Because We’re a Technology-Savvy Generation.
Technology is moving fast! Our kids should understand how things work and build upon that knowledge and I believe smartphones and tablets can help with that. Both my kids have known how to work a phone and iPod since they were barely over one. I am amazed with how much they learned on their own.

2. Because It’s not as Bad as Everyone Thinks.
So many families are so scared to turn on the tv or let their kids see a tablet. I understand every family is different and to each his own. But at the same time, I really believe this stuff isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, it’s all in what you let your kids view.

A friend of mine posted an article on this topic and I believe it’s right on! The article, Why Sesame Street and Toddlers Might Not Mix says,

There’s a lot of research now that shows when you design infant and toddler-directed media in ways infants and toddlers can learn, they can learn from it,” Deborah Linebarger, the director of the study, tells USA Today. “If you use screen media and pick the right stuff, it can be another tool.”

3. Because it’s a Huge Learning Tool and Can Teach so Much!
This is my biggest reason as to why I let me kids play on tablets and smartphones. My kids have learned SO much and I love seeing them learn! My son who has autism, learned his shapes, colors and numbers around age two all from an educational app. He couldn’t talk, but we would watch him on the app and he had figured it out all on his own.

My daughter has learned about animals from her apps and loves music. She specifically searches for kid’s videos with music and she has learned a number of childhood songs from listening to those videos.

Both my kids have learned so many things from technology and the apps on a tablet or phone. Sure, we make sure as parents to teach them things ourselves as well, but I am always surprised that when I go to see what they know, they have already learned what I was going to present to them via an app.

4. Because it’s Okay to Get a Break Every Once and Awhile.
Parents, it’s okay to let your kids play on a tablet or phone every once and awhile. Sometimes mommy or daddy just need a break and that’s okay. Don’t let guilt hold you back, it’s all about how you monitor and limit their time.

No one should feel guilty for using a tablet or phone to distract kids in a waiting room or so that mommy can have 5 minutes to herself for once. It’s all about balance. Giving your kids a chance to learn from something else other than you also teaches them to be independent. As long as that’s not ALL they are doing your kids should be fine!

I’ve raised my kids to be independent. Do they play on tablets and smartphones? Yes, they do, but they also do other things too. My kids love to play together, they love to color and draw, they love to play outside and play with friends. My son has a huge imagination and he always amazes me with what he comes up with. So has letting my kids use technology hurt them? I don’t think so.

kids play with tablets

 What about YOU? Do you let your kids play with tablets or smartphones? Why or why not?

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  1. I would agree, the use of technology is all about balance! This is true for not only children but for adults! My son knows how to use his tablet better than I do; he reads, plays games, and watches TV all on his iPad. I don’t think this is a bad thing. Everyone has an opinion on this topic and I think every child and family is different so to each is their own. In our house, iPad is for weekends only, and can only be used through weekdays if all homework, reading, and chorus are done but this is not automatic through the week. The rule is not iPad during the week unless I say otherwise. If my son asks for it during the weekdays then it is an automatic no.


  2. What kind of apps do you let your kids use? Also, does anyone know of any Aps that are suitable for elementary school students? My daughter is in first grade.

    Also, there’s an add at the bottom of my smartphone screen that makes it so I can’t use both boxes below the comments box.

    Love your site!

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