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I’m not sure how many of you know, but for the past year I have been working on an e-book. I am proud to say that my e-book, Journey Through Deployment was officially available for sale as of yesterday. I really hope that this will help others as I get so many email from military spouses asking for advice and such on military life and deployment. Here is just a little bit about the book:

e-book Journey Through Deployment

Deployment is a journey. What will yours be like?

No goodbye is ever easy, but this – this was a lot harder than I ever anticipated. And you know what the ironic thing is? Saying goodbye wasn’t even the hardest part. Letting go and watching him walk away: that was the hardest part.

Deployment is an uncertain time filled with many fears. You may wonder how you will get through each day, how you will cope, and what you will do during this time. The fears and worries can be endless. But the journey doesn’t have to be intimidating. You too, can learn to step forward with confidence and experience hope, joy, and encouragement in deployment.

Journey Through Deployment: Stepping Forward with Confidence During Military Separations is filled with:

  • Tips for preparing yourself and your family for deployment.
  • Hope and encouragement to get you through deployment.
  • A section for civilians to learn what military life is like.
  • Tips for preparing yourself and your family for reintegration.
  • Stories, lessons, and journeys of other military spouses just like you!

This is a journey you were meant to take. Don’t let deployment intimidate you; learn to step forward with confidence. Remember: you are not alone. The challenges in this journey may be waiting to dishearten you, but you can and will overcome them and experience hope and encouragement on the road ahead.

Available for Purchase:

Coming Soon to: iTunes and (Nook)


For those that would like several chances to win a FREE copy of Journey Through Deployment please join me tomorrow on my blog’s Facebook page: Singing Through the Rain at 8pm EST for a special Facebook party! I will be giving away at least 4 copies of the book, there will be a Q&A session and much more! Looking forward to seeing YOU there!

If you are a blogger and would like a free reviewer’s copy of the e-book in exchange for a blog review please email me:

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  1. Thinking about my husband’s past deployment made my chest tighten and stomach turn all over again. I’m really glad you wrote tips on getting through this. I buried myself in work, and surrounded myself my friends and church (and drinking in between).

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for commenting! Deployment is so hard. I am so glad that I was able to write some tips and encouragement to help others get through.

  2. Awesome, I will check it out! I also have an e-book 🙂 My husband actually just came home from a deployment so I’m interested in your book for sure!

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