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A Special Kind of Love

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Special Needs LoveI’ll never forget the first time my son tried to sign “I love you.” He is only two, but every night my husband and I crossed our arms over our chests like a hug to sign “I love you” to him. Then one night he did it back. Only a parent will ever know how sweet a moment like that can be.

I’ll never forget the first big hug or the first kiss he laid on my lips. The way that only he can show me love will be something I will hold with me always. He can’t tell me “I love you,” because he still doesn’t talk, but the many ways he has chosen to show me love warm my heart and let me know I am doing this parenting thing right.

I think about how easy it is for a child to give their love. They see the world through different eyes and give without expectation of anything in return. So unselfishly and so incredibly powerful. How wonderful and amazing is a love like that!


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