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He’s Special

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A couple weekends ago I was sick, and my husband took my son, Adam to Chick-fil-a to play in their play place. Later, when they both got home my son ran inside and immediately came over to where I was sitting. Like any mom, I was excited to hear about his trip. “Did you have fun?” I asked, knowing that my question would be met with silence. “What did you do?” And again silence. He just looked at me with that darling face of his as if to say, “Mom , if you only knew what I was thinking…”

When I stopped to think about it I was sad. Until he talks I will never know what he is thinking. I will never know how his day went, or who he likes to play with. I will never know his opinions and never hear the questions he wants to ask. Until he talks… Yes, I believe that soon – someday soon he will talk like normal children. His constant babbling proves that he will talk, but the frustration and disappointment of not understanding him right now, will always stay with me.

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He’s Special

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