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Recently, I got an email from a young woman asking for advice and she has not been the first I have received. I am not sure when this all started – when people started looking to me to give advice or to help with their problems. I feel honored, but yet I feel so unqualified. I want to help in any way I can and so when I get an email I pray that God will give me the right words to say and then I do my best to give advice.

I was telling my husband about this the other day and he suggested that I start featuring these questions and answers on my blog as maybe an advice column or a Q&A session. I thought about it for a little bit and decided this might just be a great idea! I asked my readers on my Facebook page as well and got some pretty good positive feedback on it, so I decided to go ahead and do it.

The questions can be anything you want. I have gotten questions pertaining to military life, relationships, God, etc. there is nothing too big or too small. If it is something I am not sure I can answer then I will let you know. As for putting them on my blog I would only use the questions with permission and only use first names or use “anonymous” per the writer’s choice.

It would sort of be an “Ask Kathryn” column that I would feature on the first of every month. I would like to start in July and July 1st is only a couple weeks away so if you have any questions or are looking for some advice, send me an email and we can try to work through it! At the end of each of these posts I will give my readers an opportunity to chime in with their advice and response as well so not only will you be getting mine, but you will be seeing what others think as well.

Depending on the amount of emails I get, I may not be able to feature all of them, but I will answer every one that I can. Just send me an email at: singingthroughtherain@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. i love this idea and can’t wait to see what people come up with. my question would be when/if Jon is going to be deploying again or if you will be PCSing anytime soon!

  2. Hi, im considering being a pure romance consultant but i wanted someone else’s view, is it acceptable to be a pure romance consultant being a christian ???

  3. Hi Kathryn, I dont know what i’m suppose to say, do or feel right now and it’s not necessarily a question but a venting session i may need. And if i am in the wrong by all means, just let me know..

    My husband is deployed, and my issue is the media.. Do they not give a care about our soldiers? I sit here at home, no communication for a few days, and the news reports the bare minimum of the issue that has happened! I am not only stressed, frustrated, lack of sleep, worried out of my mind, but have to see that they are barely addressing what has happened..granted this is a “new situation” but, I remember back when this started a few years ago, all they talked about was the soldiers and what was going on.. now, I sit here and CNN, Fox news, and msnbc just brush off the news of the recent event! I am probably over reacting, sitting here at home, anxiously awaiting something..No news is good news…I will wait for months, years on end to hear from my husband, but acknowledge the fact that something has happened, that there are families awaiting information and i personally do not give a crap about Kim Kardashian showing off her belly!!
    Maybe i sit here, alone, no friends, worried out of my mind, just hoping that someone, somewhere has gone through this.. that I am not going crazy. But this feeling, the lonely, empty, sad feeling is difficult and if the news, would at least talk about it.. like those soldiers that died mattered, maybe my over working mind, would feel better knowing that they mattered..

    1. Hi CnJ,
      I am so sorry you are feeling alone right now. I have to say, I don’t know why the media does what it does. I know it bothers a lot of people, but sadly the media is the media. They are biased and don’t really seem to care. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people out there who do care though. I suggest turning off the news and focus on something else. Keep busy as much as you can while waiting to hear from your husband. It’s hard but we have all been there as military wives. You are not alone, here is some encouragement from others wives who want to help: https://www.facebook.com/singingthroughtherain/posts/580968575261607 I hope this helps.

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