My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament

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“Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament or decoration? You know, the one that once it is in its rightful place, you know it’s Christmas. Write about it–why is it special? What does it look like? What does it mean to you?”

I do have a favorite ornament, but it’s not one that I currently have, it’s several that we got growing up. My aunt and uncle live right outside Washington D.C. and every year she would send us one of the Official White House Christmas Ornaments. As kids, me and my brother’s loved it! It would come in a special box, and we would all gather around while my mom opened to see what it would picture this year.

What I love about them is that they are so gorgeous. The artwork and the design is very unique and the ornaments are very fragile and light. We always saved all the boxes and at the end of the year when putting the CHristmas tree away we would put each ornament back in its special box for next year. As we grew older we had collected quite a pile of boxes of the White House ornaments and we would save those ornaments for last putting them on after all the other ornaments and enjoying looking at each one all over again.

Sadly, this year and last year I did not get one of this ornaments because I live with my husband now. But my aunt still sends them each year to my mom. The picture above is this year’s 2010 White House Ornament and I am sure the picture does not do it justice!

What is your favorite Christmas tree ornament? 
Here is some ornaments you can make: Spicy Tree Ornaments

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  1. That is so cool! I didn't realize that there were White House ornaments. I like the one pictured. It is so pretty! I just got into collecting nice ornaments and this would be a great one to have. Maybe it can be ordered online?

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