My Little Boy is Getting SO big!

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A week ago today, my little baby turned four months! Hard to believe how the time is just flying by! I don’t want him to grow up I wish he could always stay my cute little boy. This past month he has been growing up so much! He has a lot more hair now, and he has learned to grab and hold things. It’s so fun to watch him grow and learn new things. He is so enthralled with the world around him, and I just love it!

This past month Adam also had his first plane trip! We went to Michigan to visit Jon’s grandparents which would also be Adam’s great-grandparents. He was very well-behaved on the plane even though he had an ear infection. The doctor told us to give him some tylenol before we got on and it seemed to work. I fed him when we got on and he fell asleep for most of the ride, then at the end he woke up and was a very happy baby. On theway back he was a little bit more fussy, but it was because he was tired and once he fells asleep he was fine.


Here are some more pictures of him from this past month:

Laughing at Daddy

Sleeping Away…
He sleeps in this position every night!! I just love it!


In his Jumperoo
He is not really sure what to think of this contraption. He also does not really fit so I put a blanket around him so he does fit!

Lovin’ that face!

He also discovered his toes this month. Now he plays with them all the time!


My husband flies him around like superman, and Adam actually puts his arms out like he’s flying, it’s too funny!

On a walk!
Also Adam’s first time in the carrier. I think he liked it!


Even though he isn’t smiling this is one of my favorites!

Contest Pic!
Last but not least the picture we entered into a baby contest. He won as a finalist and they will be putting a vote to it again next week.

And course I must end with a cute video! This is while we were up in Michigan, Jon’s sister was jumping up and down and it was making Adam laugh so much!!
Adam Laughing

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  1. He looks SO cuddly and cute! My favorites are the first pic and the laughing at daddy, and of course the one that's a part of the photo contest. 🙂

  2. Aw, big man!!
    You think the first 4 months have flown?! Try having him turn ONE in less than a month, and planning his first birthday party!! Then you realise how time has REALLY flown!! (and you think you'll never tell other parents how fast time flies, but then you do, lol!)

  3. I can not believe how big he has gotten. how are you feeling.
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