My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

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Hard to believe I only have 2 weeks left! I am very ready to have Adam, and hoping he comes sooner than later. I have had my regular doctor’s appointments every Thursday, and everything is looking good. I still have yet to find out if I am dilated though, maybe this week…

My Pregnancy: 38 Weeks

This past weekend I was having lots of contractions. Mostly cramp-like feeling and some painful, but not really fun. It made me feel sick. It was almost constant, and I was hoping that maybe Adam would decide to come, but yesterday and today I have had none!

My Pregnancy: 38 WeeksHospital Bag:
I finally packed that hospital bag. It’s sitting in my room, and I am trying to talk myself into putting into the car in case I am out when I go into labor. I have a few last minute things that will need to be put into it though so I am hesitating to put it in the car. But… at least it’s done!

So many people have asked to know when I go into labor. I plan on updating or having my husband update at least a few times, by text or by my husband’s iphone. If you would like to follow along fee free to join my fan page to get updates: Singing Through the Rain. Obviously, if you are already my friend on facebook then there will be updates there as well!

Labor & Delivery
I have had a few people ask me about my labor and what I plan on doing as far as pain relief. I do plan on getting an epidural. I have thought about this, and this is my decision. I do admire those who can do it without, but I know my limitations, and I know it will be a better birth if I am relaxed, and not worrying as much about the pain. I do not know right now at what point I will get it, I am still planning on playing it by ear, and seeing how it goes.

Birth Plan
I also had a few people ask me if I had a birth plan. I am totally aware that anything can happen, but it is still nice to have a little bit of a plan and know what I want ahead of time. In the case, that some of these cannot happen I understand, that’s how it goes.

Birth Plan
Name: Kathryn S****
Due Date: June 15th
Baby’s Gender: Boy

I would like….

  • My husband, Jonathan S**** present with me at all times.

During labor I would like…

  • As few vaginal exams as possible.
  • Hospital staff limited to my own Doctor and nurses (No students, residents, or interns present.)
  • To wear my contact lenses the entire time.
  • Fetal monitoring to be continuous.

I would like labor augmentation…

  • Performed only if baby is in distress.

For pain relief I would like…

  • A standard epidural, when requested.

As the baby is delivered, please avoid…

  • Forceps usage.
  • Vacuum extraction.

I would like to hold baby…

  • After being wiped clean and swaddled.

I would like to breastfeed….

  • As soon as possible after delivery.
  • With the help of a lactation specialist.

I would like the baby’s medical exam, procedures & bath…

  • Given in mine or my husband’s presence.

Please do not give baby….

  • Formula.
  • A pacifier.


  • Should be performed and with anesthesia.

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  1. Wow, well I didn't do that much planning with either of my girls. I just kinda went with the flow. Good for you for being so prepared!

  2. sounds like a plan, have you toured the hospital yet. do not worry about the bag. even if you do not have it when u go into labor someone can bring it to you or DH can run and get it after delivery. did u pack snacks for after the baby is born. Here is another great tip i always give first time mom. freeze your maxi pads, they help with swelling and work just as well. if they hospital is not offering you frozen pads then ask for ice and a ziploc and freeze your own. they make a wonderful difference

  3. You look great! Just a tip, if your hubby is like most guys make sure you stick some snacks or change for vending machines in your bag for him!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like you got it all together girl. It will be here before you know it and you can meet Adam! I know you will be happy.

    We cant wait to see the pic of your new addition.


  5. aww you look so cute!!! I've been having lots of contractions already…ugh! I hope he comes soon!

  6. You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait 'til baby Adam makes his appearance! I am definitely keeping you all in my prayers.


    Teresa <><

  7. Wait a minute! How is it that we are not Facebook friends yet??? I just realized that we aren't! I'll go send you a friend request when I'm finished here. 🙂

    You look gorgeous, Kathryn. I so look forward to being pregnant someday, and looking at these pictures of you just made me want that even more. 🙂 I'm glad the contractions stopped since Adam decided not to make his big arrival yet! I'll keep you in my prayers during this last leg of the journey!

    I have to tell you, it was a relief to read your birth plan and know that you are going to get an epidural…and some other things. It's hard to explain but I've read so many birth plans on Xanga from my friends on there that left me feeling a bit of a weakling and a …hmmm, well like I said it's hard to explain. So I'll just say that I enjoyed reading your birth plan and we have very similar views on just about everything you mentioned.

    Oh, and I had to laugh at the no students, residents, etc. part because my mom didn't think she wanted them there either. But she went into labor with my sis two months early, so she arrived at the hospital just shortly before delivering (no time for an epidural!). The doc asked her as she is obviously quite preoccupied with labor if he could have a couple students/residents come in since this was such an unusual birth. At that point, Mom didn't care. Well she ended up with a room full of students and more watching through the windows! Haha! So it's a good thing you specified that in your birth plan so there is no confusion there. 🙂

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