War Games

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This past week on the base, there has been an exercise. At least that is what they call it here, but it is otherwise known as war games. All week the sirens have been going off throughout the day calling, “Yellow Alert!” and “Red Alert!” followed by explosion sounds for the exercise that some of the Airmen are doing on the base. My husband took part of it as well. The “painted” him up and he had to pretend to be injured while the others got graded on how well they handled the situation.

When he first game home from a day of war games, and I saw the “wound” they had painted on the side of his face, I froze. For a minute I forgot it was fake. It looked so real. It looked as if a bomb had exploded near the side of his face.

I thought back to all the alarms I had been hearing off and on all week. Although it was just an exercise and they were just practicing, I realized that this is what it sounds like to those who are deployed. Hearing this here on base made me think of all the men and women who are over there now and going through this only for real. For them it is not an exercise, it is not practice, it is for real.

I hope that while we go through our everyday lives we remember those who are still deployed and remember that although we can thank God for being safe here, some of our loved ones are not, and we still need to remember them in prayer everyday.

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  1. Amen! I always love it when someone just shakes Curtis' hand when they find out he's in the military. It just fills me up with pride and I tear up almost every time a civilian truly shows his/her support for our military personnel.

    For example, whenever I hear this phrase from the song "Chicken Fried" by Zac Brown Band:
    I thank god for my life
    And for the stars and stripes
    May freedom forever fly let it ring.
    Salute the ones who died
    And the ones that gave their lives so we don`t have to sacrifice
    All the things we love
    Like our chicken fried

  2. We just had our exercise a couple months ago. It does make it hit really close to home when you think that there are real "war games" going on. Thanks for posting this!

  3. So true. I found a card from an exercize my husband did and it said "KIA" on it. Freaked me out big time. It is a reminder of what they have to go through during deployment 🙁

  4. you are so right Kathryn!! I know you must have been so scared to see that on Jon's face!! 🙁

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