Lights of the Veil

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Time for another book review! It might be the last one for awhile depending on how much reading I get done between now and the last weeks I have left before Adam comes. Lights of the Veil was an incredible book, I hope that you enjoy the review.

Lights of the Veil

Published: June 1, 2006
Book Description:
“Faith and purpose collide in the exotic setting of this powerful love story. Through mysterious circumstances, Erica Tanner meets her late sister’s only child, Betul. Within hours they are kidnapped and taken to India, where an unexpected friendship with the handsome Prince Ajari complicates Erica’s escape — especially when she learns he is Betul’s uncle. As friends attempt a rescue, Erica fights to fulfill her sister’s final request — Betul must not become lost in Sajah Ajari’s Hindu heritage. Can the light of Christ overcome the differences holding Erica and Sajah captive? Breathtakingly paced, Lights of the Veil moves with grand adventure toward the ultimate triumph of God’s truth.” –

My Rating:

My Review:
Patty Metzer has a way of writing that gets you so caught up in the story! The characters in this book are real, and the plot line is well researched. Patty Metzer makes you feel that you are right there in India, seeing the vibrant colors, the adorned temples, and talking with the people. It is a totally different world, one that brings you in and shows you how other people live.

In this powerful story, Erica Tanner gets kidnapped and taken to India, where her parents and her sister and brother-in-law were missionaries. Although her parents died when Erica was young, her sister went back to finish their work in India. Now that her sister and brother-in-law have died at the hands of the Sikh (religious extremists) Erica must care for their son, Betul. When Erica escapes her kidnappers she is desperate to find help, and her nephew Betul again. In looking for help, Erica happens to run to the arms of Sajah Ajari who also happens to be a prince, and Betul’s uncle. Now that she has his help, can she overcome Sikh, the Hindu influences that try to scare her at every turn, and her growing love for Prince Ajari?

A story of love, adventure, and the battle between Christianity and Hinduism, and how God never fails!

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I looked for an author website, but she does not seem to have one! I hope you get to read this book though, enjoy!

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  1. You know, you are probably the 4 or 5 person to recommend this book. Normally I'm all caught up on the top books but being in school has made me so out of it. It sounds fabulous though. I love all your reviews!

  2. That sounds really good, but for some reason is the type of book I can not seem to get into. I may have to give it a shot though 😉 Especially since the commenter above me says several ppl have recommended it! Hope everything is going well for you guys!!!

  3. Oh wow, sounds awesome! I will try to find this at the library, lol. 😉
    Have you ever read the Lori Wick book "The Hawk and The Jewel"? It's rather similar… not exactly the way the storyline goes, but if you've read it, you'll get my point =D.

  4. BTW, I LOVE your new look!! 😉 It is sooo cool! Do you have any tips? I really like the pic on the header of you and your husband =D. I also love the one with you on the swing! Do you have any wedding pic posts on here?

  5. Thanks for stopping by again! I love the new look of your blog. The pictures are wonderful! I saw that you have 30 days to go! Hang in there. So many blessings await yall! Love your blog!

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