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Autism-Friendly Hair Salons in Colorado Springs

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When my family first moved to Colorado, one of the things I started looking for was local autism-friendly hair salons. My son, Adam had always struggled with haircuts and I knew finding the right person to cut his hair was going to be difficult.

Then, I found the perfect woman. Military spouse, home salon, and prior experience working with special needs kids. She cut my son’s hair for several years until she moved on and opened up a pedicure spa. She didn’t cut hair anymore and with two kids with autism, I needed to find someone else.

I went to a few local autism groups on Facebook and compiled this list of the top autism-friendly hair salons. You can bet that I will be checking a few of these out very soon!

Autism-Friendly Hair Salons in Colorado Springs

Autism-Friendly Hair Salons

1. Venus Salon 
1802 Chapel Hills Dr,
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Ask for Kelly: (719) 229-2930

“Kelly at Venus is great! Just tell her what kind of accommodations you need and she’ll help with them We’ve been using her for years now.” – Helen

2. Family Support Center
1330 Quail Loop, Suite 140
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719) 540-2108
Ask for Kearstie Pearce to get a FREE cut for your child with autism.

3. Toni & Guy
5125 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Ask for Kearstie Pearce: (719) 390-9898

“Toni and Guy will do special days just for autistic kids – you just have to call and set it up. Sometimes they will even make a whole event out of it.” – Christina

4. Komb’s Studio
6165 Barnes Rd. Suite 22
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
Ask for Odessa: (970) 380-3377

“We have been going to Odessa at Komb’s Studio for years! She is absolutely amazing! She is kind, beyond patient, and very gentle. She goes out of her way to ensure my boys are comfortable. She only uses scissors on the one who can’t handle vibration, she uses the clippers on the one who just needs to be done quickly, she is great at using counter pressure to offset the sensory overload and is amazing when it comes to reading the boys as far as needing a break! They twist and wiggle, and she looks like an acrobat, but their haircuts always look fabulous!! She is also great about scheduling during more quiet times so that they can be as stress free as possible. I can’t say enough good things about her. Definitely go to her!!” – Lindsay

5. A Cut Ahead
4464 Barnes Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Ask for Kari Ellison: (719) 597-3353

“Kari is great with my son!” – Ginger

6. Kiddie Kutters
5582 Powers Center Point,
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
(719) 282-6333


Kiddie Kutters
6920 Mesa Ridge Parkway
Fountain, CO 80817

“I go to the Kiddie Kutters in Fountain and they do a great job. For a long time they took the time to cut hair with scissors only untill my boy got to the point he would tolerate clippers.” – Adam

7. Lady Barbers Taking Over
12 E. Kiowa St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Ask for Tiffany Abeyta: (719) 297-3105

“I Love working with kiddos, and I have several of my own kids with sensory processing issues so I am super comfortable with children who have special needs.” – Tiffany Abeyta

What about YOU? Does your child struggle with haircuts? What salon do you go to?

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