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Dearest Deployment: Thank You, Elizabeth

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Dearest DeploymentMy Dearest Deployment:

My husband and I are coming up on our fourth wedding anniversary, and I thought I would take a minute to write you about this last year- our “newlywed” year. It was a hard one! I can’t believe it took us three years to finally get one to ourselves, without you coming along and ripping us away from each other. I have to admit though, there were times this year I really missed you!

Times when I had to ask my husband fifteen times to please take out the trash. Times when the dinner suggestion was, “I don’t care, whatever!” Times when I wanted nothing more than to stretch out and watch Hallmark movies all afternoon!

Growing up in a Navy town, I knew you before you came into my life and was prepared for our meeting of one another. My grandmother knew you back in the days of the Vietnam conflict so well. She prepared me for my friendship with you! Some people would say you are the worst thing that ever happened to them, but not me. You were integral to the foundation of my marriage!

As October moves in on my planner and I see my wedding anniversary fast approaching I remember you fondly. While you helped me grow as an individual, as you do so many young wives, you also helped me in my marriage and I am so grateful for our time together! You came in so soon after my husband and I were wed. You taught me from the very beginning that communication is so important in a marriage. You helped me write him every single day he was gone and rely on not hearing his voice to find comfort. You taught me that there is something to be said for time spent apart and to make the most of every second we get together! You taught me to appreciate the dried toothpaste on the bathroom counter and the shoes and boots that pile up feet from our front door.

You taught me how to love my husband with a deeper love than I ever thought I could know! Thank you for giving us this last year, and for preparing us to love each other through it!

dearest deploymentElizabeth is known throughout the internet and social media as The Young Retiree: a medical assistant retired from the working world to move around the country with her husband for his work with the United States Navy. Together, they live in Southern California, for the moment, with their three dogs. They are enjoying their marriage and time together through date nights, hiking, 5Ks, and lazy afternoons watching a little of what he wants and a little of what she wants!

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