Wired Word: Faith from an Electrician

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Today, I am excited to tell you about a newer blog out on the internet. This blog is by a Christian electrician named Troy who goes to my church. We know his family and I am privileged to get to play with his twin girls in the church nursery from time to time!

Wired WordThe blog is called Wired Word and is basically Troy’s thoughts about God, life and the Bible. He writes to encourage others that God can use you know matter what occupation or job you may have. Whether you are a parent, a pastor OR and electrician!

“Years ago, I felt as though the Lord was calling me to preach, but, so far, the Lord has chosen to keep me in a secular occupation. I pursued going into the ministry many times, but God always closed the door. It seemed like I would always be ‘just an electrician.’

I struggled with this for years, wondering why The Lord kept me out of ‘the ministry.’ I was intimidated by people in ‘the ministry’ who I felt looked down on me for being ‘just an electrician.’ Well, through many circumstances and lessons from the Lord, I learned that, if you are Christian, you are in the ministry. We are all to be a light to those in our circle of influence. There are people out there that those in the ‘ministry’ could never reach, but you and I can. Don’t take me wrong. God has a special purpose for those in ‘full time ministry’, but that shouldn’t make the rest of us feel less used of God.

So, if you are a plumber, carpenter, lawyer, or whatever secular occupation there is, God can and will use you, if you let Him. I am in the ministry. I am called of God to be an electrician. This blog will be a platform to express the thoughts and lessons God lays on my heart as I work from day to day. I call it ‘electric theology.'”

Some of my favorite posts on Wired Word:

Some encouragement from Wired Word:

“In our lives, we have goals that come and go. We have goals for our jobs, goals for our children, goals for our walk with Christ. Sometimes the path to our goal is short, and sometimes it is long. Sometimes the way is hard. But we must not quit. Our destination may be just around the bend.

And God is gracious. He places benches along the way so that we might rest. These benches may come in the form of trials beyond our control. They force us to rest. God gives us rest so that we might have the strength to continue. But we must not confuse the resting place for defeat. It is only a delay. We must not quit.” – Read the rest of this post…

Christian FamilyAbout Troy:
My name is Troy and I am a Christian electrician.

The purpose of my blog is to share the thoughts and lessons that God sends my way each day as I work and live. I am a very blessed father of twin girls, Mattie and Macie, and husband of my beautiful wife, Lauren. We are very active members of our local church. Lauren is the church pianist and I play guitar and serve as deacon. God is good!



I hope you will check out and follow Troy’s blog. There are some real nuggets on there!

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