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Season of Change

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Because I am going to be traveling and visiting with family over the next month I am going to have a few guest posts on the blog for your reading enjoyment. Today I have Lauren from Faith & Deployments posting about changes and seasons in life. Those who are military wives will definitely identify with this, and those who aren’t will still find that they go through something similar. Enjoy!

I am so excited to be guest blogging on Kathryn’s Blog! She’s one of my absolute favorite bloggers and has been so strong during her husband’s deployment. Thank you Kathryn for allowing me to post while you are celebrating the holidays with family! I hope your readers enjoy my post!

A few weeks ago I attended a women’s brunch with the new church we have been attending since the summer. I was very excited because this day was not just the women’s brunch, it was also the day I was taking a very big step and becoming a member of the church. Even with our upcoming PCS I knew God was speaking to me to take this step and get more involved and to make the most of our time left in Virginia.

I honestly can’t get the message we heard that morning out of my head. The pastor’s wife spoke about our season’s of change. That we go through all these huge milestones in our life that we can consider seasons because things change just like the seasons on earth. And seasons mean different things. For example, we graduate from high school and most of us embark to college. The college years are a new season. For me it was marriage right after college and then quickly my newlywed times changed to deployment season. Homecoming season was quickly turned into deployment season again. But each deployment was different. Different for me as a woman, wife, and for my husband. While I didn’t see it at the time, God was preparing my heart for each new season.

My husband was deployed several months before our wedding during my senior semester of college. While I was so wrapped up in graduating and wedding planning I neglected to see what God was really trying to do was strengthen my relationship with him and my husband to endure another deployment just 3 months after we were married. There were little signs that I should have noticed, but I don’t think I wanted to.

I think that happens a lot. We “look” for understanding when really, it’s right there in front of us. We don’t open our eyes or hearts enough to see what God is providing for us or telling us.

Ever since finding this church God has opened my eyes and lead me through what I would have thought were trying times without him there. I honestly believe this last year my husband has been home, the friends we have made and strengthened or friends we have lost along the way have been preparing us for an even bigger journey. Moving thousands of miles away from the ones we love. God is preparing our hearts and minds for this amazing opportunity and I’ve been embracing it with open arms. Sure, I’m sad to be leaving all my friends and family. Sure I’m going to be scared making new friends, finding a new job, getting to know a new area. But the best part is that God is always there by my side. My new phrase each and every day is “It’s in Your hands”.

So as we all prepare for this Christmas season and the change of year into 2012. Let’s remember our blessings and realize there is a reason for everything. You can do all things through Him who strengthens you. Nothing is impossible when you place your full trust in Him, and realize that every season you have is preparing you for another one. Every tragedy is preparing you for something greater. Every separation is preparing you for something else. Life is too short to be caught up in worry and anxiety. For there is a plan that God has for you. You just have to open you hearts to see it.

Hi, I’m LC to the blogging world. I’m an Air Force spouse, like Kathryn, who is preparing for our first ever PCS to my husband’s new training base and new career field. Life is hectic and exciting for us as we prepare for our new journey in our season of life. Check out my blog if you like: Faith & Deployments.

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