Reshaping it All: Chapter 1

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I know it has been awhile since I have blogged about the book, Reshaping it All. How many of you have read this book or started reading it? Since my first post in this series, I have lost 6lbs. I am very excited, and I have to tell you it does so good for my heart! It shows me that I can do this. And if I can do it, YOU can do it too!

Well let’s get started… There is something I did not tell you about this book yet. For those who know nothing about this book, there is something very special about it. The author is Candace Cameron Bure (DJ from Full House)! I don’t usually read books written by celebrities, but hearing so much good about it (as I explained in my first post) I just had to buy it! Plus who didn’t grow up loving Full House? It has been so much fun to look through the pictures in the book of her, her family, and her friends. It’s always nice to see where people you have watched grow up have gone and what they are doing now.


The awesome part about reading this book by Candace Cameron Bure is that she is is a Christian, and shares her testimony in this book. Her brother, is the actor Kirk Cameron which I did not know until last year when I somehow put the two together. Also, helping with this book is author Darlene Schacht. You can see her awesome blog Time-Warp Wife here.

Chapter One sets the foundation for the rest of the book. Candace talks about her life, how she got saved, and how she got to where she is today. She talks about how she struggled with her weight her whole life. Then when her husband was gone a lot (her husband was on the road with the NHL), she started to binge. She says,

“What I did do is binge. There’s something oddly comforting about food or, better said, the thought of food that tricks out minds into believing that it can and will fill our void.”

Can I just say that as a military wife this sounds oddly familiar? There have been times when my husband was gone that I either didn’t want to eat at all or ate to much to fill the void. Like she said, it’s that thought of food that has made me think that maybe everything will be ok. Candace says, “I ran to comfort food instead of running to God.” And that is exactly the problem! Replacing food with God or anything else is going to leave us even more empty then before.

I have realized that knowing and realizing that this is something I struggle with-using food to fill a void, whether it be boredom, loneliness, or something else-that now I can stop myself. I can ask myself, am I eating because I am bored? Am I eating because I am lonely or because there is nothing else to do? And if I think I am, then I don’t. Recognizing this has helped me a lot, and has definitely cut down on me eating unnecessary food. Candace says,

“Starting a diet or buying a new shade of lipstick won’t put you on a path to freedom. It might make you feel good on the outside, which is a natural part of your womanhood, but the change must begin with the transformation by the Spirit-the renewing of our minds. This means moving faith to the forefront, which includes putting God first in our plan to lose weight.”

I love this! Because where are we going to hear that we should but God first in our plan to lose weight? Nowhere! But we should, and I am so glad that I have realized this. That keeping God first means taking care of my body, making right choices when it comes to food, and being healthy.

What is something you have struggled with in your plan to lose weight? Have you ever thought about putting God first in that plan? 

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  1. I just saw this book the other day, but I don't read books by celebrities and so I passed it up. Funny that you should mention it today… I might have to give it a chance after all! Thank you!

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