Newborn Photos

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I am so excited to show off the newborn pictures of my little boy! When the pictures were taken he was only 6 days old. I had told the photographer, no worries that he has been sleeping almost constantly! She was glad because she wanted him to be asleep for all the photos. We even turned the temperature up higher so that he would want to sleep more. When the photographer came, Adam decided he was going to be wide awake and not sleep. I think maybe he just likes to prove me wrong! After waiting awhile and trying to get him to sleep here are some of the shots that she took.

Yes, he smiled!! I was so happy she could catch it on camera. He smiles sometimes for us when he is awake, and it just makes my heart melt! He laughs in his sleep as well, and we think it is the funniest thing. He will be sleeping so soundly and all of sudden he will just be giggling!

Jon’s grandmother made Adam a beautiful hand stitched quilt and we thought it would be nice to include it somehow in the photos.

If you would like to see more of his newborn shots click here.

All Photos are by Lindsay @ Lindsay Gray Photography
Website: http://lindsaygrayphoto.com/
Facebook: Lindsay Gray Photography

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  1. Those pictures are so sweet! Yes, I've enjoyed reading your blog. Glad you're back from Maternity leave, but it sure sounds much needed! Hope you're fully recovered now and enjoying your bundle of joy!

  2. My grandma used to say that when a newborn baby is smiling while sleeping it's because he's dreaming with the angels 🙂

    So beautiful photos ! God bless you all,


  3. WOW! Those pictures are amazing!! I tell all new moms to get them because I didn't & I regret it! Those pictures will bless you for the rest of your life!! He is a gorgeous baby by the way!

  4. Beautiful! I used to be a newborn photographer, and these are exquisite! Especially the last one and the one with the smile!

  5. Those are fantastic pics! Someone did an awesome job! My favorite is the one hand holding Adam and Adam's arm is hanging down…so cute. 🙂

  6. These are great photos. I may have to steal a few of the poses for when I practice my photography skills with Isaac… or other babies!

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