What Being a Military/Marine Wife is Like for Me

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As you all know I am on maternity leave from my blog right now, and so I have set up some awesome guest blog posts for you to read! Today’s scheduled post and guest blogger is:
Amber @ Goodnight Moon!
She is a military wife, and in her post has written about what it means to be a Marine Wife. I hope you will go check out her blog after reading her post!

-Getting to pick up and move around the world/country like a gypsy, all on the governments dime.

-Being able to meet aaaaa-mazing life long friends along the way.

-Being able to move FAR away from not-so-aaaaa-mazing friends.
-Getting FREE health care (even if it sucks at times….I think we all have a love/hate relationship with Tricare)
-Feeling at home (no matter how far away home really is)…when you come aboard your base.
-Being able to feel like your going on your first date again with your husband when he comes back from training or a deployment.
-Being able to be the strongest women you EVER thought you could be.
-Getting to say that you survived a deployment.
-Knowing that your hubs can NEVER get fired from his job.
-COMPLETE security.
-Knowing that whenever you truly need someone or something,you can rely on your fellow military spouses.
-COMPLETE love for our country.
-Crying when you hear the Marine Corps hymn (or the pledge of allegiance for that matter).
-Feeling proud of your husband and what he fights for.
-Hearing your son say, “I want to be like daddy when I grow up, so that I can be a Marine.”
-Being able to look at your husband in ALL his sexy uniforms.

-Being able to play dress up in all his sexy uniforms.
-Being able to hear machine guns, tanks, bombs, helicopter and jets shaking your house as they train during all hours of the day/night.
-Never having to change your drivers license because “your military.”
-Being able to claim your tax free state while filing your taxes every year,because “your military.”
-Getting out of speeding tickets, because “your military.”
-Being able to use the “my husband is deployed to Afghanistan” card to get out of things,

to get discounts.
-Having 4 kids to raise on your own while hubs is training/deployed.
-Spending the majority of your marriage apart, who has time to argue?
-Knowing that on holiday 96’s, you can actually plan a trip.
-Being able to get out of extended family reunions by saying, “sorry…that’s the USMC for ya”
-Getting into theme parks for FREE.
-Using USAA banking.
-Knowing I can fly overseas on “mac flights” for pennies.
-Living on base for FREE.
-Knowing that if a bad guy ever came into your house at night,that your husband could kill him just by using his hands.
-Knowing that my husband has integrity.
-Having such courage and strength.
-Being COMPLETELY self-sufficient.
-Having my husband as my best friend.
-Knowing that it takes a very special kind of lady to fill the shoes of a military spouse.
-Having a POA because my husband trusts me.
-Getting to shop at the commiSCARY and PX, tax FREE.
-Somedays, feeling like you want to punch somebody in the face for putting the military down
-Hoping to someday have the “General” parking spot…and by “General”, I don’t mean that anyone “in general” can park there.
-Knowing exactly how much $$$$ we will make every 2wks (too bad you don’t get paid for over-time).
-When your arms are full of either your kids or bags, a Marine will ALWAYS open the door for you.
-Being called “ma’am”.
-Getting goose bumps when you watch a Marine Corps commercial.
-Knowing that the military is one HUGE family,who supports each other.

Being a military/Marine wife has good days and bad days.
The good days out number
of the bad days.
Being my husbands wife is easy for me,
because of my husbands love for our family.
Gesh…I know….that was kinda mushy wasn’t it?

I wear no rank,
but only that
of the love
that I have for being an

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