Pregnancy: Week 28 Ultrasound/Heart Check

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Yesterday I was feeling so weird. I was kind just feeling a little off. By that night, my body had started to ache and my throat hurt. I knew my appointment was the next day, and I really was not looking forward to it that much. This morning I woke up with my throat hurting even more, and I was dreading drinking that glucose drink! I slowly got ready, wishing I could stay in bed, and then told my husband I was going to drink it now. I was a little scared it was going to taste bad, but it was actually really good! It was fruit punch flavored, and tasted like Gatorade! I didn’t think it tasted that sweet at all!

We got to the Doctor’s at 8:45 and waited only a few minutes before they called me for my ultrasound. The reason for this ultrasound was to check something in his heart that they had seen in the ultrasound at 20 weeks. Everything looked great, and they said it was fine. We got to see all four chambers of his heart and she said it looked good!

Adam weighs 2lbs. 12oz. and he has hair!! They showed us his leg bone, and said he is going to be tall! Just like his daddy! (Jon is 6 feet 1 inch.) I am 28 weeks 2 days, but he is measuring about 1 week ahead!



He has HAIR!!

His spine.

After the Ultrasound, I went back to the waiting room, and waited to get blood taken to check for the diabetes. It has to be taken exactly one hour after you drink it. They told me the results won’t be in until next week….

Now to get better from whatever this bug is that I have. I tried to take a nap but my whole body is still aching, and my throat is still sore.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, thanks for reading!

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  1. what incredible ultrasound pictures!! i live for that moment right now…i wish i could have one every week 🙂 i hope you feel better soon…i was sick for about 2 weeks in the first trimester with some kind of cough/cold/flu and it was no fun…get LOTS of rest and drink lots of orange juice!

  2. Aww, Kathryn, I am so happy for you! 🙂 May God continue to shower you in blessings. Don't forget that not only does little Adam have hair, but he also has… fingernails. 🙂 I still find that the most amazing think about babies… the fingernails. 😛 Hope you get to feeling better soon. Much love and God bless.

  3. You are so lucky you liked the glucose drinks, I had serious problems waiting for my blood to be taken, my sympathetic husband was like "wow u dont look so good"…thanks honey haha! Those ultrasound pics are amazing I reallyyyy want another one now!

  4. I so remember drinking that stuff..mine was like orange pop..yummy…but the blood test not so fun…Aww he has hair..so adorable.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful ultrasound pictures with us. Hope you feel better soon and get good results from your blood sugar test.
    Hugs, andrea

  6. ugh, being sick while pregnant is the WORST! i feel for you!
    that's so fun you can see he has hair! my daughter was born with tons of hair and they never pointed that out on ultrasound pics. i feel kind of cheated now. haha.

  7. Seeing your ultrasound pics almost makes me want another one…almost. Enjoy your pregnancy!

    THanks for the comment on my blog yesterday!

  8. You must've gotten some new stuff to drink, because both times I almost gagged on mine! That's great that it wasn't as awful as you were expecting! WONDERFUL pictures!

  9. I'm so sorry I haven't been by in awhile. I have been so stinkin' busy!

    How fun to get to see Adam again! You got some incredible pictures of him! I am amazed at how clear they are!

    I hope you are feeling better!

  10. Fun Stuff! I am 36 weeks prego & it is exciting, but way scary too. I am also a Christian & love reading Christian military blogs 🙂 Keep blogging & God Bless!

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