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How to Keep Your Child’s Feeding Tube Formula Cold Overnight

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One of life’s most important questions for a mom with a child on a feeding tube is how to keep the formula cold all night long while the child is sleeping. Some moms have to refill the bag several times a night. Some use an ice pack that may or may not work, but can also be messy. Our family discovered a solution years ago when we needed to keep my daughter’s feeding tube formula cold on a long trip to Boston.

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My husband went to Target looking for some type of small cooler to put the formula in on the long flight to Boston. What he found has made our lives so much easier since!

Meet the “PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag” a type of foldable lunch bag that keeps its items cold up to 12 hours. The bag is lined with freezable gel so that you don’t have to worry about separate ice packs.

Packit Freeze and go

Now, I’m sure there are plenty of other brands that do something similar to this, but so far the PackIt Bag has worked the best for us because of how long it can keep things cold. Plus we love how it’s collapsible and easily folds up so you can take it on the go!

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In order to make the bag work, I did have to modify it a bit. Putting in a bag of tube feeding formula doesn’t work because there is nowhere for the part that connects to the pump to go.

I am not a seamstress by any means and I do not own a sewing machine, but I do know how to work my way around with a needle and thread. Here’s what I did:

Feeding Tube Formula

DIY Frozen Feeding Tube Formula Bag

1. Measure the Cassette on Your Tube Feeding Bag.
If you use an infinity pump, it’s about 1 1/2 inches. We have not used a Kangaroo pump in years so I am not sure about the measurement on that.


2. Cut a Hole for the Cassette.
After measuring the cassette cut a hole on right side of the bag. You want to make sure the hole is on the side of the bag where the fabric and lining are the thinnest.

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Freezable Bag

3. Find Some Fabric to Reinforce the Hole.
Because the fabric on the side of the bag is so thin, you want to use some fabric to sew on that reinforces the hole and prevents it from tearing any further. I just used an old t-shirt.

4. Sew the Fabric Over the Hole.
After finding the right fabric, hand stitch (or use your sewing machine if you have one), the fabric around the hole in the bag.

I just took my needle and went in and out over and over until the entirety of the hole was reinforced. Here’s what it looks like:


Infinity Pump Cassette

Hopefully, this tutorial makes sense and helps some other tubie mamas out there! Usually, we keep the bag in the freezer all day and then put it out at night when she’s sleeping.

We also have a second bag so that if for some reason the first one did not get in the freezer on time, we have another one in there ready to go!

Here’s a look at the final product:

Tube Feeding Before & After

This bag is perfect for overnight tube feeds, traveling with feeding tube formula, and many other things too! Buy yours now:

PackIt Freeable Bag

What about YOU? How do you keep your child’s feeding tube formula cold all night long?


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  1. How did you get your child to adjust to cold formula? Our daughter appears uncomfortable during her feeds if the formula is not warm. We have even recently tried room temperature formula, but she still squirms in discomfort. The formula for the overnight feed starts warm, but when I add the second half of the formula several hours later what is in the bag is cold. The formula added is also warm. Should we not warm the next second half of the formula for the feed? Any suggestions and/or advice would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to get a full night of sleep without having to get up to add formula to there bag.

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