Mommy Quiet Times

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As a mom I have learned that quiet time is a valuable thing. Everyone needs a few moments of peace, and moms are no exceptions!

quiet time

I hear a lot of moms say that they feel guilty for taking time for themselves, but sometimes the house cleaning doesn’t matter, sometimes the kids could use some quiet time too.  Sometimes…you just need a break!

As a busy mom of two special needs kids, I have learned that “mommy quiet times” are a must. Not only does my three-year old son have quiet time, but mommy does too! Now that I have my baby girl, it has been a little bit harder to find these quiet times, and they are a lit bit farther between, but I do find them.

Three Ways I Tend to Find Quiet Time:

1. In the Shower.
It may sound silly, but I am serious about my shower time. It’s relaxing and at times it’s my only way to get a few moments of quiet time. Of course I shower daily, but occasionally I get in the shower at night after the kids are in bed. It helps me relax, think, breathe, and rest.

2. Before Bed.
Here’s a secret: sometimes I say I am going to bed or I go to take a nap while the kids are napping, and I just go up and rest instead. Sometimes I don’t need an actual nap, I just need some quiet time, some time to myself. I lay there and listen to white noise, or just think and dream. It’s my time with no one else around.

3. I Take Turns With my Spouse.
This is something that has really helped my marriage. We have learned that working together as a team helps both of us, and taking turns caring for the kids and getting time to ourselves is one of those teamwork things. I usually will watch the kids while my husband takes a nap or has quiet time to himself, and then he does the same for me in return when he is done. It’s definitely one of my favorite ways to get quiet time, and it’s one that works well for both us.

If you’ve kept up with my blog you know that it’s been a crazy roller coaster for us since my baby girl was born. If I can learn to make time for quiet time for myself, you can too! It doesn’t have to be for hours, I mean what mom has time for that? But take a few minutes for yourself, it might even mean helping you become a better mom!

“For now should I have lain still and been quiet, I should have slept: then had I been at rest.” – Job 3:13

“Then they are glad because they are quiet; So He guides them to their desired haven.” – Psalm 107:30


What about YOU? What are some ways you find quiet time at your house?


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  1. “My” time is when I work out! Two birds with one stone so to speak. I’m relieving stress & improving my health at the same time.

  2. So true! Great post! I love my quiet time. My hubby just left for Basic Training last week, so there’s no trading going on right now, but we’ve done that in the past. My two favorite ways to get quiet time are to wake up before my kids, by a least an hour, usually two. It’s hard at first, but once I established the habit, I just relish those quiet early morning hours. My next favorite is running. I bring the kids in the double jogging stroller, they have fun with it so they’re usually content so I get some quiet and an endorphin rush.

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