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30 Spring Activities for Couples and Military Couples

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It’s spring now and that means the warmer weather is coming! The birds are singing, the kids get to play outside more, and the most important thing is all the activities you can do as a family and together as a couple.

Sometimes it can be hard to find things to do as a couple. It’s easy to do the same old activities like going to a movie or eating out. But now that it’s spring, it’s time to get outside! There are so many things you can do together as a couple whether you’re married or not!

30 Fun Activities for Spring:

Spring Activities for Couples1. Go for a walk together. There’s nothing like taking a walk hand-in-hand with the person you love during the warm spring weather!

Military Version: If your spouse is deployed, take a walk by yourself and enjoy the spring air. Take pictures of sights you see on your walk and share them with your spouse via email when you get home.

2. Go on a picnic together. Pack a picnic and find a beautiful spot to sit together and eat. Include a pasta or potato salad you made together using Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise.

3. Make a bonfire and roast marshmallows together. Cuddle up on a cool spring night in front of a fire. Roast marshmallows and enjoy time together.

Military Version: If your spouse is deployed, send them s’mores in a jar so they can enjoy the taste of the campfire too!

4. Sit on the Front Porch and Sip Tea. Enjoy a warm afternoon chatting and sipping Lipton’s Iced Tea while sitting on the porch, enjoying the spring breeze.

Military Version: Pick out some of your favorite tea bags and send them to your spouse in the mail as a small surprise. Before you send them make your own cute messages to add to the tags. 

5. Stargaze together. Grab some blankets and find the perfect place to see the stars. Make a list of constellations you want to try and find. Mark them off as you find each one.

6. Go on a mini road trip together. Get in the car, roll the windows down, and just start driving! Find places near your home that you’ve never seen before and go explore. You never know what you might find!

Military Version: Research fun things to do in your state or in the surrounding towns near your home. Make a list and create a fun plan of how you can see them all. Tell your spouse about your list and make plans to hit up each place on the list after homecoming!

7. Go to a Farmer’s Market together. If you haven’t been to a Farmer’s Market, then going in the spring is a must! Browse the stands, pick out your favorite fruits and vegetables, and use them to make a scrumptious dish when you get home. Make sure to get at least one of these must-try spring vegetables.

8. Take a bike ride together. Find local bike trails and either rent two bikes or bring your own. It’s great exercise, and you can enjoy the warm weather together!

9. Wash the car together. Who says washing the car can’t be fun? Enjoy the weather while splashing each other with some warm, soapy water!

10. Play a sport together. Whether it’s tennis, volleyball, or ultimate frisbee, spring is a great time to get out and see just how competitive your spouse can be!

11. Go to a baseball game together. Spring is for baseball! Check out the schedule and go support your local baseball team or get tickets to see your favorite pro-team play.

Military Version: Surprise your spouse by sending them a baseball themed care package. It might just help them not miss being able to watch their favorite team.

12. Go to the zoo together. Going to the zoo can be fun, but the right time of year makes it so worth it! Hold hands while walking through your local zoo together. Play zoo bingo or feed the giraffes together.

Military Version: Go to the zoo and take pictures of your favorite animals. Take selfies where appropriate. Print off the photos and include them in a fun, zoo themed care package!

13. Go fishing together. Fishing may sound boring, but it’s actually very peaceful and relaxing. Spring is the perfect time to fish, and being able to talk uninterrupted by daily life will bring you closer together.

14. Go canoeing together. Rent a canoe and enjoy the warm weather out on the water. Invite another couple along for some fun!

15. Go horseback riding together. Horseback riding can be fun and romantic. Check your local city to see where and when they offer horseback riding for couples!

16. Go feed the ducks together. One of my most favorite memories was feeding the ducks as a kid. It’s not just for kids, it can be fun and relaxing for adults too!

17. Watch the sunrise or sunset together. There’s nothing more romantic than waking up early to see the sunrise or watching the sunset with your spouse.

Military Version: Take a picture of the sunrise or sunset every day your spouse is away. Put the photos in an album and title it as, “__ days (or nights) of missing you.” Give it as a gift when they return.

18. Make homemade ice cream together. Spring is the perfect time to eat ice cream! So why not make your own ice cream with these 21 recipes? Or purchase a delicious Kondike Bar instead!

19. Fly a kite together. Build a kite and go fly it at a park. Enjoy the simpleness in doing this activity together.

20.  Go to a drive-in movie. Roll the windows down and set the car in park. Watch your favorite movie together at the local drive-in!

21. Go to a local botanical garden. Take a trip to a botanical garden and enjoy the beautiful spring flowers and greenery together.

22. Turn the bed of your truck into a giant bed. If you have a truck, spring is the perfect time to make it into a comfy place to sleep. Cuddle up together and go to sleep under the stars

23. Go to a cafe and eat outside on the terrace. Find a nice, quiet cafe and sit outside together. Have coffee, drink tea, or eat lunch. Chat about where you see yourselves in five years.

24. Exercise outside together. Take advantage of the weather by exercising together. Go for a run and grow closer together as a couple.

Military Version: Get outside and shed those last few pounds before homecoming. Whether it’s walking, running, or something else, that spring weather is sure to motivate you to lose weight for that new homecoming dress!

25. Bird watch together. While this activity is definitely not for everyone, it can be peaceful and fun to do it together. Make a list of birds to find and take pictures of your favorites that you see.

26. Spring clean together. Sure, spring cleaning might not sound fun, but it’s amazing how much you can get done together. Put on some music and set a timer to see who can get the most done. Looking for a good plan? Try spring cleaning Konmari style!

Military Version: Spring clean your relationship! Rediscover both of your pasts, nurture new appreciation for each other, and get to know each other all over again through asking questions! All of this can be done over email or Skype if your spouse is deployed.

27. Go geocaching together. I have never done this, but hunting for “treasure” with GPS coordinates sounds like so much fun! Find a website and see what types of geocaching you can do locally.

28. Read a book outside together. Pick a book from this year’s spring reading list and go to the park to read aloud together. Enjoy discussing what you’ve read afterwards.

Military Version: Pick a book from this year’s spring reading list and purchase two copies – one for yourself and one to send to your spouse if deployed. Both of you can read a chapter or two per week and discuss it over email.

29. Create and send a spring care package together. Have a friend or family member you want to send a little cheer to? Create a spring themed care package and have fun picking out items together for your box.

Military Version: Send your spouse a touch of spring no matter where they are. Here are six ideas for spring care packages to get you started!

30. Go and pick out flowers or fresh herbs to plant. Go to the store and find flowers that will bloom every spring and summer or you can get seeds to start an herb garden. Spend time together planting the new flowers or herbs together.

Military Version: Plant a tree in your yard and put a yellow ribbon around it. Take a picture to show your spouse you are always watching, waiting, and praying for them. Or plant your spouse’s favorite flower. Take a picture of it once it comes up and send them the picture.

What about YOU? What kinds of things to you like to do as a couple during the spring season?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of MSB New Media & Unilever. The opinions and text are all mine.

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