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26 Posts for Your Facebook Page that Have a High Reach

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One of the biggest things right now in the blogging world is finding good, well-written posts for your Facebook page that a have high reach.

I decided to test this out a little bit on my own and started a private Pinterest board for pinning posts that had a high reach on my blog’s Facebook page. Each post that had a reach of at least 1,000 or more was pinned to that board.

I am so glad I did that because now I can see what types of posts do well on my page. I plan on cycling back through these posts and re-posting them on Facebook. Since I know they already got a high reach, I know they will do well again.

Since I’ve been keeping track of these posts, I thought I would share them all with you as well. While my audience may be a bit different than yours, a lot of these posts should still do really well on other Facebook pages too. Just find your niche below and share away!

26 Posts for Your Facebook Page that Have a High Reach

26 Posts for Your Facebook Page:




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  1. I definitely want to check these out. I have a secret board on Pinterest for shareable content and I just recently made a linkable spreadsheet with all of them, so it’s easy to grab them. I might have to add a few of these to my list!

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