Project Organize: Intro and The Master Bathroom

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With my husband’s upcoming deployment I have been in the mood to get better organized before he leaves, and to also give me something to do while he is gone. I came up with Project Organize! Follow along with me as I try to get my house clean and more organized. I will be showing before and after pictures, tips, and little things I’ve learned along the way. I will also be including Pinterest organizing tips I like or have used and tips for organizing on a budget.

The goal of this project is to find a specific place for everything in my house. The things I cannot find a place for are probably things I do not need and will be given away or thrown away. Sometimes I may tackle a whole room at a time and other days I may just do certain parts. I am going to try to post a Project Organize post every Thursday, but please understand I may not always be able to do that.

Today, I am going to share with you my first project: the master bathroom. It was my first project because it was the one place that seemed to come in last on my to-do list. It’s the place no one but us sees, and since it is a bathroom it just wasn’t something I liked to do. Because of that it really needed some organization!

Here is my before and after pictures. Very embarrassing before and really awesome after!

Click to see larger version.

Believe it or not, it took me about two hours to clean and organize this room including sweeping and mopping the floor. Our bathroom is very small and so over the months we have lived here I have slowly figured out more and more how to utilize our small space. I used to have everything stuffed in the cabinets, but my husband came up with a good idea to put a lot of my body washes and lotions and everything else in a tote in the hall closet. So here is what the bathroom cabinets look like now.

There is not a lot of stuff and it’s all easy to find. I also put in a hook for my mirror, so it just wasn’t lying down in the way. I used the hooks that just stick to the wall and snap in place (removable hook). Super-easy!

I bought this metal shelf from Walmart awhile ago and planned on using it to help me organize the bathroom better. My husband has installed it for me, but I hadn’t really utilized it until now. It’s been perfect for those extra things that needed a specific place. I keep my blow dryer there and my plastic drawer set full of my makeup and hair stuff.

I got the plastic drawer set when I was in college. I saw so many people use them, and thought it would be perfect to organize my things. I have had it ever since and it is a life saver! Before, I just used to throw everything in there, now it is organized so I can find things better.

Hair Accessories

In the picture above, I used an old perfume box to hold my hair clips, bobby pins, and safety pins. I just cut it out and taped it together! I also tied all my hair scrunchies together so they weren’t all over the place.

Makeup Stuff
Extra Stuff

I didn’t have room in my makeup drawer for all my eye shadows so I put them in my “extra” drawer. If you notice I keep them organized by putting them in a ziploc bag.

All my stuff I use every day I put in a shower toteto leave on the bathroom counter. Everything is neat and in place and it’s handy because when I need something I can grab it. It includes things like my contacts and contact solution, deodorant, perfume, moisturizer and stuff for my hair.

Anything extra, I put in the cabinet drawers. Things like toothpaste, creams, combs and brushes, q-tips, and my hair straightner.

My husband’s drawer. As you can tell he is very OCD about his stuff!

Last, but not least I wanted to tell you to get a toilet paper holder. They are cute and don’t leave people guessing as to where your extra toilet paper is if they run out. They are super cheap. I think I got mine at Ross or Walmart for a couple of bucks.

So there you have it. The grand tour of my newly organized bathroom! I also eventually plan on keeping a set of cleaning supplies under the sink of each bathroom, for easy access and quick cleaning.

What are some tips and tricks YOU use for keeping your bathroom clean?

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  1. Awesome! When I started organizing my house a few weeks ago I started with our bathroom too!! I bought LOTS of baskets from the dollar store! I love that toilet paper holder! So adorable!

  2. Love it!! My favorite place to organize and reorganize is the kitchen! It always gives me such a sense of accomplishment : )
    When's the hubby deploying?

  3. Looks great girl! I have started keeping sanitizing wipes under the bathroom sink. That way I can just wipe the counter down really fast and it feels clean! You did a great job!

  4. I’m spending all day today organizing my house. I have some organization tips on my blog if you have time to check it out. You ought to look at getting baskets for your makeup, they look 100% better than plastic bins.

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