Adam: Months 9 &10

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Well it’s been awhile since I have updated on Adam and as of yesterday he is 11 months old. Only one month away from turning one! So hard to believe. I will just update on some things he has been doing and try not to overload this post with pictures since there are now double as many to post!

News About Adam:
Adam took his first steps at 8 months, but lately has not really been interested in walking.  He loves crawling around, and climbing on things instead.

Adam’s 7th and 8th teeth recently came in. I am still in shock at how fast his teeth have just come right after another.

Adam can now climb the stairs. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I was surprised he even tried. He likes to walk down the stairs too when I hold his hands.

He loves playing with his things that are not his toys. We bought him this cute toy puppy that sings, lights up and does all kinds of neat things, but no he wants to play with our coasters, dvds, and laundry instead!

Adam still runs around in his walker, and he has figured out how to open all the cabinets and drawers and take stuff out of them. We are still working on getting those baby drawer locks installed!

Adam has been doing a lot better playing with other people. He seems to have passed the attached phase for now. Much relief and less worry for mommy.

Adam still is not interested in fruits, but loves his vegetables. He still loves his baby food, and is not really interested in many of the things we eat yet besides crackers.

8 Month Photos:

He loves playing in the laundry basket!

He loves his daddy!

He’s not too crazy about hats!

Mommy’s handsome boy, dressed up for church!

9 Month Photos:

He loves to stand up in his crib!

Anything that swings or rocks is his favorite!

Can you tell he likes Goldfish?

Adam is a pirate at a friend’s birthday party!

Adam so happy to be swinging!

Taken by Natalie

 10 Month Photos:

First haircut, and not too happy!

He found his blanket and wanted to cuddle!

Playing with daddy after daddy got back from TDY.

Mommy & me!

Stuffing graham crackers in his mouth!

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  1. Monster loves goldfish and graham crackers too! Have you tried the GC goldfish yet? They're really yummy!! I always have some in the diaper bag as a snack! Adam is getting so big and he's so handsome!

  2. He's getting so big! Isn't hard to believe we only have a month until our baby boys turn 1! Exciting stuff. Connor took his first steps at about 9 months and hasn't stopped walking since! He just toddles around all day, and only crawls when he wants to go faster to keep up with his sisters. He has his 7th and 8th teeth coming in now. It's been rough! Glad to see Adam is doing so well!

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