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So I think I am finally getting the answers I have been looking for these past three months. If you remember my last three posts:
I talked about everything that has been going on health-wise since Adam’s birth. Since my last update, I found out that I do not have diabetes, I do not have any infections, and all my blood tests came back completely normal. My doctor told me that there was nothing else she could do to help me, that it was now up to my OB and dermatologist that I was referred to.
Even though I was a little disappointed about not getting any answers I was so relieved to here that nothing was seriously wrong with me. That and that I would end up in the hospital and not be able to take care of my baby, was a big part of my fears. So after that I was able to breathe easier and just work on ignoring everything else.
The next week I went to my OB and she decided to take more blood to see what my hormone levels are. She is thinking that most of these issues are hormone related from the birth and I am starting to agree. I still have not got the results back on that, but I should any day now. If it is my crazy hormones then I will go in and talk to my doctor again and go from there. I should be able to get those back to being leveled again, and with that I hoping everything will return to normal.
The big issue that I had left was my sores. Since Adam’s birth I have been dealing with very painful sores all over my body. Mostly on my back, but also on my chest, neck, face, and just this past week, my scalp which made it kind of hard to shampoo my hair. Here is a picture of what my back looks like:
It’s pretty gross I know. And makes me feel pretty terrible about myself since some of that is scarring, and knowing that my skin is never going to look the same again. Since it was spreading, I kept calling the dermatologist’s office trying to get my appointment moved up. They kept telling me they had no openings and my appointment was 3 weeks out. Finally, I made it a point to tell the receptionist how uncomfortable I was and that I honestly couldn’t wait anymore, and she called me back later that day with an appointment a few days later.
So the diagnosis is not sores, but really really bad cystic acne. I thought it was crazy because my PCM looked at my back and told me that it was definitely not acne. I had had acne before as a teenager, but never this bad or painful. Plus, I have it places I never knew you could get acne! So now I am on another antibiotic, a special shampoo and body wash, and I will be seen back in three months. The doctor said it may take up to 3 months to get this to go away, and we may have to try several things before we find one that works, but I am just happy we know what it is and it’s not serious.
They did take a culture of one of my sores to make sure there is nothing else wrong as well, so I am waiting to hear back on that and blood test results for my hormones. It looks like either way we will get this resolved, and I feel that I can finally get back to living a normal life. I have not even been able to exercise since having Adam because of all these things, and I am very much looking forward to doing that again.
 I am so thankful for finally getting answers and getting these things resolved, even though it took three months, I know God has had a plan in all this. I feel like I have come out a stronger person, and I can handle things better now. It’s been a long three months, but I made it through.

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  1. You are like my hero. Seriously. I can't imagine staying so positive through all the junk you've been through. I know that it's most certainly worth that little blessing you go, but I can't imagine how difficult it's been too. I hope that they get to the bottom of this and you can get back to normal soon. =)

  2. praying for you. i will say 2.5 years ago i went to my DR saying I was tired and in pain constantly. she said i was depressed (you know DH deployed, 4 children, one with health issues). I assured her that was not it. she sent me home with anti depresents. 2.5 years later I finally have a DR who said WOW your thyroid level is crazy high, as in how are you functioning. keep fighting them. it is hard. praying they find answers

  3. I hope you get all your answers soon. I also hope you can exercise soon. With the weather cooling down maybe you and Adam can get out and walk a little.

  4. Wowzers! I had no idea it was like that- that looks SO painful! How can you stand it?! You poor thing! I'm so glad you are finally getting some answers! Praying for you!

  5. You poor thing, I wish our bodies could behave and let us focus on our babies instead of throwing a wrench in the works like that. I hope you recover quickly and can enjoy your new little one.

  6. girl I hope you get everything figured out soon. I know you have been dealing with this for awhile–you are such a strong woman! keep your head up!

  7. Kathryn, I have so much admiration for you! Thanks for sharing your painful experience with us because it lets us know that we too can reach down, hold onto God's grace, and make it through such difficult circumstances!!! <3 you!

  8. What a pain (no pun intended)! I hope you receive answers soon about what's going on. You still have such a cheerful outlook, even in real life, which is completely admirable. Keep it up—you're going to be stronger in the long run for going through all of this.

  9. Oh my! I bet that DOES hurt. Bless your heart. I will continue to pray for you. Please let me know if there is anything anymore specific. I know that is pretty specific already, but if there is anything else, I'd be honored.


    Teresa <><

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