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The Rich & Poor

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Yesterday, as I was reading my Bible I read this verse in Proverbs 22: 2, “The Rich and poor meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all.” It brought new meaning to me now that I am a military wife, and my husband and I deal with people who are of different ranks. Of course my husband has to respect those at higher ranks then he is, which is pretty much everyone, and he does! But the thing that was totally new to me and unexpected, was how some of the military wives wear their husband’s rank on the shoulders, figuratively speaking that is.

I have been very blessed while stationed here, to have some great friends. The funny thing is almost all of them are officer’s wives and their husbands hold a lot higher rank than my husband. Did I do that on purpose? Not at all! It just so happens that as I would make friends I would eventually learn their husband’s rank. The best thing though, is that these girls do not care what rank my husband is and are willing to be friends with me anyways. I have made some wonderful friendships here and am glad for people who are willing to see past rank and be a great friend instead!

I think it is sad that some people miss out on being friends or getting to know certain people because they do not think they hold the rank that they should or because the wives will not talk to certain ladies whose husbands are a lower rank than them. There are so many great friendships you are missing out on, when you don’t look beyond rank, and see the person for who they are!

This is why Proverbs 22:2 is so great! Because whether you are rich or poor, God made us all, and loves us all the same, and I am so thankful for that! We don’t have to worry that God will not love us, because of certain things, or because of what we do, he loves us all the same no matter what!

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  1. been there and seen that… you are lucky as many post office wives dont get together with enlisted wives.. but higher ranks in both areas are ok to a extent. Its to bad though they miss out on so much

  2. I have a lot of Officer Wife friends too. The only hard thing about it seems to be that when I see my friend out and about with her husband and her husband is an Officer in my husband's company he knows him and he finds it kinda awkward.

  3. We're on a very small post and have found for the first time such a huge mix of friends of various officer and enlisted spouses. any of my closest friends are officer wives. Thankfully there's no awkwardness even out in public with husband's.
    There are times I meet wives who wear their husband's rank, but not too often thankfully!

  4. That's so fantastic that you are able to be friends with other women on base despite rank. One of my best friends grew up in the Army and it was just amazing all the unwritten rules about who you could play with/date etc. Hooray for just having friends.

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  5. We were just chatting about this at dinner the other night. . . It really is sad when wives can't get along! I understand that if my husband is someone's boss, then it might be somewhat inappropriate to hang out together all the time, but really that shouldn't affect how wives treat eachother.

    I had one wife in our squadron say, "Hi, what's your name?" followed immediately by, "Is your husband officer or enlisted?" When I told her officer, she stopped talking to me, even though we were working at the same table at Boutique.

    I also was sitting with some wives who were chatting about officers (not knowing that my husband is an officer) who said, "Never call my husband 'Sir,' [which is what they call officers], because he actually WORKS for a living!" I was SO OFFENDED because my husband works VERY HARD and to imply that officers don't work as hard as enlisted is just ridiculous.

    Anyway, that just goes to show that rank prejudice runs both ways, and it's hurtful no matter what!

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