You are Valuable!

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ValuableI recently attended a woman’s conference with my friend at her church. It was a two-day event with food, and a great speaker. I learned so much and there were several stories and illustrations that stood out to me, and one of them I wanted to share.

Annie Chapman was the speaker and she gave this illustration. She showed the audience a twenty dollar bill, just like the one in the picture shown above. She asked if anyone would like to have the twenty dollar bill. Of course everyone in the audience raised there hands, because who wouldn’t want someone to give them twenty dollars? She then took the clean, crisp twenty and crumpled it up, and asked if anyone still would like to have it. Everyone again raised their hands, because it is still twenty dollars whether it is wrinkled or not. She then took the twenty dollar bill,threw it on the floor, stomped on it, and picked it up and asked again who would want the bill now? Again, everyone raised their hands. She said of course we would still take a crumples old twenty dollar bill no matter what it looked like… Why? Because it’s still valuable!

Just like that twenty dollar bill, we may feel dirty from sin, or the things of this life. We listen to Satan’s lies that we are no good, or that we have no worth. But no matter what we have done in the past or what other people tell us we are, we are like that twenty dollar bill, we are still valuable to God. He still loves us and can use us no matter how dirty we feel. So don’t buy into Satan’s lies that you are nothing, remember that you are still valuable to God!

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