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Tips for a Romantic Bedroom

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I am very excited to share today’s post and tips with you because my guest poster- Karen is as passionate as I am about marriage and cultivating good marriages. She is going to share some tips with you today that you can use to make a romantic bedroom and to make it more inviting, loving and a place where you and your husband can relax and focus on each other instead of the clutter.

Looking for a getaway that doesn’t actually involve you going away? Read these tips from Karen to find out how!

Romantic Bedroom

6 Tips for a Romantic Bedroom

1. Clean. Go through and unclutter your bedroom. Vacuum, dust and spray some Febreeze on the curtains for a nice clean smell.

2. Inviting Bed. For clean /soft sheets use baby powder between the sheets, fluff the pillow, and slightly fold down the covers.

3. Memorable Photos. Have a grouping of some great pictures of you and your husband, maybe from your wedding day to the present time. Use ones where you are laughing and having a good time.

4. Candlelight. Soft, golden, flickering candlelight… Awwww Nice.

5. Soft Music. One of my favorite musicians for soft music is Dan Gibson. He has some wonderful soft music. Upload to your electronic device and let it play away.

6. TV is off! Nothing that can catch his eye…other than you. I used to use the soft music on my tv channels but found it was too distracting, adds too much light, and ruins the candlelight effect. If you must use the television music, cover the TV with a dark towel.

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Ladies, If your husband has had a long hard week at work, you have just what he needs… A warm cozy relaxing area (Your newly converted Romantic Bedroom), some lotion or massage oil, and your two hands. (Tip: I use Mineral oil. It works just as good as massage oil, but is half the price and keeps the skin softer for a longer time than lotions). Also, I will heat us three “moist” towels (important that they are damp with water, not dry). Heat them in the microwave and then wrap them in one large towel to hold in the heat.

As he is getting comfortable face down, turn on your soft music. Now the fun begins! Place the moist hot towel on his back to heat up his back. This is not only relaxing, but it also warms up the muscles to loosen them up. Let it sit for about three minutes, then start to fold down the towel in half. Use your oil to start massaging the uncovered area.

And Waaaa Laaa…you have it! Your own personal spa and romantic bedroom complete with LOVEEnjoy your weekend with your spouse. Enjoy each other.

Read More About Karen and Her Testimony:

Hello Ladies,
My name is Karen. I am a Christ follower, wife of 27 years, mother of 3 awesome children, and Grandma to 3 wonderful grandchildren.8 years ago, Satan took my family away from me and the weapon he used was ME. He convinced me that “the grass was greener” else where and it was a lie. I was unfaithful not only to my husband, but to God as well. ONce I had sinned, I felt unworthy of God and in my shame walked away from Him as well.

But here is the things that floors me. HE DIDN’T WALK AWAY FROM ME. On our 19th wedding anniversary my husband and I sat at separate tables in Divorce Court and signed the papers. My children wanted nothing to do with me. BUT GOD would not leave either one of us alone. It wasn’t long until God started weaving us all back together and within a year we were a family again and re-married.

Now our marriage is better than ever, our family is whole again and we have those three wonderful grandchildren. But here is what makes my hear smile every day: When my children say they are going home and they walk in the door the walk into the home of both parents. When my grandchildren say they are going to visit their Grandma and Grandpa they can find us both in one house. GOD DID THAT! As only He could! And I thank Him for that every day.

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  1. I’ve never heard of using baby powder between the sheets. How interesting! How much do you put?

    And the massage tips are awesome. I can assume if I do that for him, he’ll do that for me. 🙂

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  2. These are great tips! It’s so important to make time to take care of one another. The tip about the t.v. is also really important. In our household we have a rule about not having a t.v. in the bedroom. Stopping by from SITS!

  3. So great. I think that making the bedroom a safe haven is important. If the vacuum is sitting where you can see it, or it is strewn with toys, that takes away. Great tips! Thanks.

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  5. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony!
    I so appreciate getting advice for the bedroom from a Christian perspective.
    Just wanted to share with you that my husband and I almost ended in divorce for the same reason….. But God 🙂

  6. Please pray that I can be reconciled with my now exhusband. We were married 30 years and do still love each other. We should never have been divorced. I need other believers praying with me.

  7. I just found your spot on Pinterest! What a beautiful story it gave me hope! We are going through a hard time in our marriage due to a child staying from Gods grace. It has really effected our marriage but God has hope!!! Thanks!!

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